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Google Introduces Ad Scheduling for Google AdWords


Monday, June 19, 2006; 06:26 AM

 Google introduced ad scheduling (also know as "dayparting") for Google AdWords. This feature enables advertisers to automatically adjust their bids or pause and resume their campaigns based on the time-of-day or day-of-week.

This feature is appropriate for all types of AdWords advertisers, from small to large, local to national and new to sophisticated. Small businesses and local advertisers can now schedule their ads to run only during business hours. More sophisticated advertisers who would like to capture and exploit intra-day and intra-week cycles of buyer behavior can fine tune their campaigns in real time. For example, a retailer could run additional ads at lunch time since it is generally a higher than average time for consumer purchases. By providing advertisers with more granular control over when their ads run and how much they bid, we believe this feature will drive greater return on investment for the advertiser.

Google is making this feature available at the request of advertisers and agencies who have asked for greater campaign management control. The feature is part of the current AdWords campaign management interface and is available to all advertisers worldwide.



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