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Web 2.0 Sales Tool PipelineDeals.com Launches for Small to Medium Businesses


Friday, June 16, 2006; 02:49 AM

Pipelinedeals.com was built to be intuitive and easy to use and is focused on increasing the effectiveness of sales professionals from small boutique design firms to real estate agents to national sales teams.

Designed by sales agents for sales agents, Pipelinedeals.com incorporates the new technology of AJAX and Ruby on Rails to create a dynamic online application that interacts with the user like a traditional client-side application. Pipelinedeals.com enables its users to organize their business around deals and keep track of important people, files, to do lists, milestones, notes, maps and links.

Sales teams previously hampered by regional offices or sales reps constantly on the road can establish a centralized location to keep deals progressing through the sales process. JP Werlin, co-founder of Pipelinedeals.com said, “When we designed Pipelinedeals.com, we took the vital 20% of the functionality that 80% of the folks used in similar applications.” Pipelinedeals.com is based on a monthly subscription per deal model, that at the “Personal” level of $12 per month is 81% cheaper that Salesforce.com’s $65 per seat base plan. JP continued, “We are a disruptive technology to Salesforce.com, just like what Salesforce.com was to Siebel and Oracle, back in 1999.”

Pipelinedeals.com offers a free feature for anyone managing up to 10 deals.


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