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blinkx.tv Reaches 4,000,000 Hours of Searchable Video Content


Thursday, June 15, 2006; 07:14 AM

blinkx, one of the largest video search engine on the Web allows users to search over 4,000,000 hours of audio, video and TV through a single search box at http://www.blinkx.tv.

With just one click, users can explore a collection that is both
diverse and deep, covering hours of content from a multitude of sources,
including the latest bulletins from Fox News or the BBC, popular music from
MTV Networks, snippets from favorite HBO shows or the hottest viral video
from sites like Google Video, Revver and YouTube. As the number of places
to watch video content online explodes, blinkx.tv is the one-stop
destination for retrieving video, delivering more content than Google,
Yahoo, or any of the popular user-generated content providers. It is simply
the smartest way to search.

blinkx uses advanced speech recognition technology to automatically
listen to and understand audio and video content, delivering results that
are more accurate and reliable than metadata-based keyword services, such
as those offered by Google and Yahoo!. blinkx both spiders free content
from the Web, and partners with content publishers in order to access
repositories and archives that cover the broadest spectrum of interest.
blinkx's over 80 content partners include YouTube, Revver, MTV Networks and
the New York Times. Powering http://www.blinkx.com, http://www.blinkx.tv and numerous partner sites, blinkx now serves over 3.5 million video search queries a day.

"The last twelve months have seen an explosion of online,
user-generated content. Straightforward tools and a cheaper, faster
Internet have made it possible for everyone to be a producer, an author, a
composer, and most importantly, a publisher," said Suranga Chandratillake,
founder, blinkx. "First, podcasting and video-blogs, and now short form
user-generated content -- or what I call 'Garage TV' -- have become
tremendously popular on the numerous video sharing sites. The volume of
this material will soon rival that of online content from the traditional
media groups. Just as CNN and the BBC have long been silos of trusted news content, YouTube, Google Video and others are fast-becoming the home for all kinds of Garage TV."

Most video search sites that exist today are silos of content -- you
can search for CNN footage on CNN.com, or for ITN video at Google.
blinkx.tv is the video search engine that aggregates the widest variety of
content for users in a single destination site, and delivers the simplest,
smartest mechanism for finding the results you're looking for.



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