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Nielsen to Offer Television Measurement Across the Internet


'Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement' Initiative Enhances In-Home Ratings and Tracks TV Viewing on the Internet, Outside the Home and via Mobile Media

Thursday, June 15, 2006; 02:40 AM

Nielsen Media Research announced that it will provide integrated, all-electronic ratings for television regardless of the platform on which it is viewed. Under the Company’s Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative, Nielsen will develop and deploy technology to measure the new ways consumers are watching television, such as on the Internet, outside the home, and via cell phones, iPods and other personal, mobile devices.

“As digital distribution of television transforms the way our clients do business, Nielsen is keeping pace with new ways of measuring TV wherever it is viewed,” said Susan D. Whiting, president and chief executive officer of Nielsen Media Research. “With continued client direction, patented technologies, internal focus on speed and innovation and unrivalled understanding of how people watch television, Nielsen is uniquely positioned to anticipate and respond to the industry’s evolution.”

“A2/M2 is the result of extensive consultation with clients, who told us clearly that we should ‘follow the video’ and deliver integrated measurement of all television-like content regardless of platform,” Whiting continued. “A2/M2 recognizes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to measuring television, while launching the most extensive research and testing program in the company's history. We thank our clients for the time they spent helping us develop this initiative and look forward to their continued collaboration during its implementation."

The technological and economic barriers that have traditionally divided the media are starting to come down, and nowhere is this more evident than in the relationship between television and the Internet.

As more and more streaming video content, including traditional television programming, becomes available online, content providers need to measure this viewing and understands how it complements their traditional television programming. To help media clients measure their growing online presence, Nielsen Media Research and its sister company NetRatings, provider of the Nielsen//NetRatings service, will introduce a number of unique integrated measurement services:

  • Nielsen//NetRatings will establish the industry’s most comprehensive system for tracking and reporting digital audio and video delivered via the Internet. Nielsen//NetRatings will integrate data from its SiteCensus service, which uses proprietary “ping back” technology to provide highly accurate and granular measurement of what is delivered online, with demographic data from its representative metered panels of Internet users. Local broadcast stations and cable operators will be able to take advantage of Nielsen//NetRatings’ SiteCensus Market Intelligence service, which offers syndicated Internet audience measurement data.
  • Nielsen will add Internet television measurement to its People Meter samples next year, creating a single panel to measure the relationship among TV viewing, web site usage and streaming video consumption. Under the plan, this summer Nielsen will install and test software meters, including Nielsen//NetRatings’ patented metering technology, on the personal computers and laptops of People Meter panelists exiting our panels, with the goal of fully deploying them during the 2007-2008 broadcast season. Nielsen will use the testing to identify the potential impact of Internet measurement on panel-quality metrics.
  • As a springboard to the introduction of this single-sample Internet/television panel, beginning this summer Nielsen and Nielsen//NetRatings will offer “fused” data, combining the viewing results from matching respondents in their television and Internet panels. This will make it possible to report the relationship between television and Internet consumption, and to provide combined reporting of viewership of broadcast or cable networks and usage of their web sites. This fused data will be an important planning tool to allow agencies and advertisers to optimize combined TV/Internet campaigns.

“NetRatings has a long history of leadership and innovation in Internet measurement and we are pleased to expand our partnership with Nielsen Media Research to develop the industry’s most advanced measurement of Internet television,” said William Pulver, president and chief executive officer, NetRatings, Inc. “By bringing together the best assets of our two companies, we will offer media and advertising clients a unique service for navigating the rapid convergence of TV and online media.”





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