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NewMarket Technology Expands Foothold In VoIP Market with Launch of Proprietary Decision Support Solution


Thursday, June 15, 2006; 02:09 AM

NewMarket Technology announced the launch of XIPTEL's proprietary solution for managing a company's back office operations. XCCP, (Xiptel Customer Control Panel), the core component of XIPTEL's intellectual property portfolio, has been running the back office functions for XIPTEL since January 2006, and is now available to selected customers. XCCP handles the back office tasks involved with subscriber management, provisioning, support ticketing, call detail reporting and mediation, and billing. The software features a multi-level security and permissions architecture to allow subscribers, customer administrators, resellers, and system billing, engineering, and executive users to view and manage those elements necessary for day to day operations and planning.

"Customers can now get on-line access to incoming and outgoing calls whenever they want, from wherever they are," said Peter Geddis, XIPTEL's CEO. XCCP is based on open source technology, using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, which avoids costly underlying license fees, and is easily scalable for high performance to drive down operating costs. The system designed to support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance includes permission-based security and allows for a variety of visual themes for reseller branding. "Today's VoIP based systems provide a long list of important features to customers," said Geddis, "but unless access to useful information and control is made easy and reliable, many of those features will remain unused. Our XCCP system solves those problems, adds real value to our company, and helps set us apart from our competition. Offering new products and services, such as XCCP, is an integral step to building our revenue base to $10 million for this year and meeting our forecast for 100% growth in 2007."

XIPTEL and Corsa Networks are divisions of IP Global Voice, Inc., a subsidiary of NewMarket Technology, Inc. XIPTEL provides a full range of hosted, managed VoIP services to the business market. Corsa Networks provides sophisticated network security solutions and managed services to commercial customers. 



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