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DEMOfall 06 Conference To Introduce Emerging Technology Trends


Thursday, June 15, 2006; 03:41 AM

The semi-annual DEMO conferences bring together the technology industry's elite observers with the most promising emerging technology innovations for 48 hours of charged discovery and debate. Seventy never-before-seen consumer and enterprise technologies will debut live on stage at September's DEMOfall 06 conference before an audience of powerful investors, pundits, early-adopter consumers, business development executives and journalists, all searching out those technologies that will directly impact our world.

DEMOfall 06 will take place September 25-27, 2006, at the Sheraton Harbor Island in San Diego, CA. Potential attendees can register here: http://www.demo.com/fall06pr1.

"I look forward to attending DEMO each year because it attracts a unique mix of entrepreneurs, journalists and investors. The content of the conference is highly entertaining and gives me a view of the technology landscape over a short period of time," said David Hornik of August Capital.

"In addition to our trademark six-minute product demonstrations, DEMOfall will dive deep into two market areas that will surely disrupt business as usual. John Patrick will lead FutureScan discussions with leading thinkers on the future of mobile technology and the real applications of nanotechnology," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO conferences.

John Patrick, president of consulting firm Attitude LLC and former vice president of Internet technology at IBM, will lead two FutureScan sessions, one on each day of the conference. Begun at DEMO 06 in February, the FutureScan program features onstage conversations with top academic, corporate and government scientists and researchers, exploring the foundations on which the future of technology will be built. On the first day of DEMOfall, Patrick will look into the future of mobile technology, asking, "Are we there yet?" and determining the necessary steps to enable ubiquitous coverage, powerful voice commands, WiFi on devices, and the 'sweet spot' for mobile device screen size. On day two, Patrick will explore the future of nanotechnology in an effort to understand where we are now and where we'll be in 2010 in this fast- developing marketplace and which industries will be most impacted.

Shel Israel from Conferenza says... "Year after year, Conferenza finds DEMO to be an outstanding conference. It is the best venue we know for introducing new technology and products. The social networking is always superb."

To learn more about launching at DEMO, and to find the online application form, visit: http://www.demo.com/conf/launch/launch.html. The deadline for applications is July 17.



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