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JotSpot Wiki Powers eBay Community Wiki


Thursday, June 15, 2006; 03:08 AM

JotSpot announced that it is teaming up with eBay to power the new eBay Wiki site. The new eBay Wiki will allow eBay's community of U.S. buyers and sellers to share user-generated information. Powered by the JotSpot platform, this new wiki will help the eBay community to communicate in new ways. On the eBay Wiki, eBay members can quickly and easily learn about specific topics of interest, contribute their expertise, share insight and opinions, and comment on published articles.

"Our relationship with JotSpot is part of eBay's continued focus on providing solutions for our community to successfully buy and sell on eBay," said Rachel Makool, senior director of community development for eBay. "JotSpot's wiki technology enables us to create a new avenue for our users to share content across a broad range of eBay-specific topics."

Unlike a traditional website where pages can only be read, on the eBay Wiki community members will be able to edit and publish information quickly and easily. Because the articles on the eBay Wiki are user-generated and based on facts and real users' experiences, the wiki becomes more valuable as more articles are published, edited, and shared.

"With the JotSpot wiki, eBay users get more value from their collective eBay experience by publishing, improving, and sharing content about eBay-related topics," said Joe Kraus, co-founder and CEO of JotSpot. "There is a natural synergy between the flexibility of the JotSpot wiki and the communal nature of the eBay community."

"eBay's relationship with JotSpot is an important milestone in the mainstream adoption of wikis," said Peter O'Kelly, research director for Burton Group's Collaboration and Content Strategies service. "By bringing the simplicity and power of wikis to eBay buyers and sellers, JotSpot will help eBay community members productively connect and collaborate in new ways."

"The JotSpot-powered eBay Wiki showcases the power, scalability, and flexibility of the JotSpot wiki platform," said Scott Johnston, director of Wiki Applications for JotSpot. "Wikis are changing the way companies like eBay communicate with their customers and JotSpot is proud to be the user-driven content foundation for the eBay community."




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