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Tralix Adds Interactivity to Email Marketing


Tuesday, June 13, 2006; 04:15 AM

Whiteboard Labs, aHouston-based Web solution company, announced their latest e-mail marketing product -- Tralix (www.tralix.com).

With Tralix, interactive, self-contained messages that include embedded mail objects are easily composed, quickly transmitted via e-mail, and fully trackable. Tralix's technology is integrated with Whiteboard Labs' proprietary video e-mail application, MotionNotes (www.motionnotes.com), explained Rodrigo Jimenez, Whiteboard Labs CEO.

"The combination of Tralix's robust publishing, tracking and delivery platform with the ability to include Flash objects like video, slide shows, and even applications that are all fully trackable makes for a very powerful marketing tool," Jimenez said.

Tralix, which stands for Trackable List Experts, is an enterprise-level, e-mail marketing platform with unparalleled capabilities that include:

-- Faster embedding of objects like surveys, comment boxes and data collection tools through Tralix Embedded Mail Object (TEMO) technology;

-- Automatic capturing and tracking of mission-critical data in real time; and

-- Easy integration with legacy systems and other databases to offer a powerful tool in the streamlining of business processes, such as invoicing, corporate communications, and CRM activities.

"Tralix can help the entire e-mail marketing process from message creation, distribution, and reporting to making and closing the sale," Jimenez said. "With Tralix, users can easily follow up with more targeted messages to recipients, based on individual responses, preferences, and permissions by creating automated e-mail marketing campaigns. Tralix's reporting tool gives users a real-time window into these campaigns, so that fine tuning and refining can take place in a timely manner."



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