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Internet Promise Group Seeks Patent for a Technology That Eliminates Phishing and Spoofing


Tuesday, June 13, 2006; 02:56 AM

Internet Promise Group, a research and development enterprise, filed a patent application for a new technology that fights phishing. The technology is named RAAS and uses a concept of "reverse authentication," where a bank customer is able to authenticate a bank server before authenticating him/herself to the bank server.

Tara Chand, Esq., BSEE, MSSE, CISSP, founder of Internet Promise Group,  said, "RAAS easily, effectively and inexpensively solves the problem of phishing and spoofing for financial institutions, a problem that has bedeviled the business and banking community for years without a viable solution."

Mr. Chand said, "Information Technology enables many new and creative ways that are used and may be used to spoof a secure web page from a bank server and that each and every part of a web page can be faked. The bank customer then has no clue if the web page in which they are about to enter their personal online banking identity data indeed did originate from the bank server. For this security issue, the industry has coined the term 'phishing,' which implies fishing for and stealing online bank identities. The industry has seen that the phishing scams are ever growing and ever so sophisticated by being automated that they had to form an anti-phishing organization to measure the extent of the problem."

To counter this security menace, the technology of Reverse Authentication was developed by Internet Promise Group. The Reverse Authentication technology is based on the premise, why anyone would trust or should not trust entering their personal data on a web page without a foolproof assurance that it has not been spoofed.



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