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Reactivity Cuts SOA Deployment Time with XML Enabled Networking


Monday, June 12, 2006; 07:03 AM

Reactivity, provider of XML enabled networking solutions, unveiled the industry's first network-based comprehensive XML-enabled networking solutions with innovative technology that automatically discovers, provisions and protects the growing landslide of XML services throughout the enterprise - delivering instant XML Enabled Networking. With Reactivity's breakthrough, deployment time for service oriented architectures (SOAs) can be reduced by as much as 75 percent.

The new auto-discovery breakthrough, a cornerstone of Reactivity's XML Enabled Networking, enables customers to point any Reactivity XML appliance directly at application servers and/or at a new breed of service registries - including Systinet, Microsoft, Flashline and LogicLibrary - and the Reactivity XML appliance instantly discovers, provisions and protects vital application traffic. Reactivity's XML appliances will inspect and import all Web Services Description Languages (WSDLs), assign default policies and redirect client connections through the XML appliance in a fraction of the time of either traditional or alternative approaches.

"Traditional approaches to SOA require manual provisioning of services and dealing with XML bottlenecks that often times cripple ill-equipped enterprise networks," according to Gartner analyst, L. Frank Kenney, Research Director. "Today, enterprises find intrinsic value in the automation and acceleration of XML messaging and Web services."

Auto-discovery is available immediately in three configurations of XML Enabled Networking solutions: the Reactivity XML Security Gateway, the Secure XML Router and the XML Accelerator. The product family delivers both point and enterprise solutions to address a wide-array of XML, Web services and SOA requirements and challenges. The three configurations are available on a broad array of platforms ranging from the 1000 series, an affordable, secure appliance platform able to process roughly 1,500 transactions per second, to the dual-core, dual processor 4000 series, intended for the largest enterprise environments and able to process more than 5,000 transactions per second.

"Prior to Reactivity's Instant XML Enabled Networking, XML appliances in the industry needed a significant level of manual configuration. That was fine for the early pioneering days of Web services and SOA," said Andrew Nash, chief technology officer of Reactivity. "Now with explosive growth of new services, organizations are looking for faster, automated and standards-based ways to provision, accelerate and protect SOA without an army of application developers. There's no doubt SOA is here to stay and now the trick is streamlining service creation, integration and governance. With this breakthrough application of auto-discovery, Reactivity has cut that time 75 percent."

Furthering its unveiling of comprehensive XML Enabled Networking solutions, Reactivity has also licensed an embedded package of its patented wire-speed XML content inspection and schema validation to other technology companies. Through recently signed OEM agreements, these security and networking industry leaders are deeply integrating value-added Reactivity technology into existing and new products. These Reactivity-powered solutions compliment the Reactivity XML appliances and ensure enterprises have security, acceleration and policy control throughout their XML enabled networks.

With industry analysts predicting a tripling of XML traffic on enterprise networks in the next two years, the automation of services provisioning enables enterprises to control and secure disparate Web services through Reactivity XML appliances. A Reactivity XML appliance can be dropped into an enterprise network and deliver enormous cost savings by eliminating the need for developers to buy, configure, deploy and manage additional application servers just to handle the XML traffic. Reactivity XML appliances are built to safeguard the Web services applications that transact billions of dollars of business online and share proprietary customer, partner and corporate information.

Recently, Reactivity prevailed over Actional, DataPower (acquired by IBM), Forum Systems and Sarvega (acquired by Intel) in a comparative review published in Business Communications Review. Other awards include a SearchWebServices.com "Product of the Year" Award and Software Development's "Jolt Productivity Award" in the Security Tools category. Reactivity was also among the companies named into the elite corps of the Red Herring and AlwaysOn 100 Top Private Companies.

Reactivity's XML Enabled Networking is available immediately. Pricing begins at $15,000 for the 1000 series.



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