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Synapse Unveils Web-Based Business Software Solutions


Thursday, June 8, 2006; 05:56 AM

Imagine an organization's efforts being fully synchronized and working effectively toward the same goals - higher sales and more profits. With Synapse's web-based business software solutions, small businesses can now have a valuable and cost effective tool for competing against the big boys.

To effectively survive in this new and ever-changing world, small businesses must bolster their best characteristics to succeed. Being smaller, they can better respond to changes in the market. Since they are closer to their customers, they can develop and maintain more profitable relationships. And needing to be more fiercely competitive, they are better adapted to recognize and exploit unique market niches. These are just a few of the traits that have fostered the impressive growth in small business today.

Currently in the United States, small businesses produce over 60% of new employment and account for over half of the private sector's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With these impressive statistics it is hard to understand why major software producers continue to focus on the larger business model.

"Since Synapse was specifically created for the small business market, it has and will always focus on supporting the unique needs of small businesses," says Mark Michael, Synapse's CEO and Co-Founder. "Each application within the Synapse solution was specifically designed for and tailored to support their needs."

Being a small business itself, it is obvious why Synapse more effectively addresses the needs of this market.

"Our products support businesses by allowing them to be better organized, evaluate their marketing and sales in real-time, and better maintain their customer base," states Mark Michael, Synapse's CEO and Co-Founder. "With application of our products, our customers are successfully expanding their markets and realizing higher profits."

"We work with our customers on a one-on-one basis," says Daniel Rust, Synapse's Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect. "Through this close relationship we can better understand and respond to their unique requirements and satisfy their specific needs."

This aggressive support of the small business model is directly reflected in the solutions Synapse provides. Each application within the Synapse software product provides effective tools for success.

"Our future is directly linked to the success of our Customers," says Mark Michael. "By closely collaborating with our Clients we can ensure our products dynamically evolve and adjust to their ever-changing world." "We pride ourselves with providing the best products available for ensuring our Customer's ongoing success!"




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