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Microsoft Chooses WebTrends as Web Analytics Solution


Wednesday, June 7, 2006; 02:19 AM

Microsoft has chosen WebTrends On Demand as its web analytics solution.

Between May and December of 2005 Microsoft.com launched a search for a third-party web analytics solution, evaluating a number of vendors to replace a variety of solutions in use throughout its organization. The goal of this effort was to select a solution that would offer enhanced reporting functionality and consistent metrics across functional groups within Microsoft.

WebTrends and its primary competitors were selected for extensive proof-of-concept evaluations, which included an examination of company viability, reporting accuracy and flexibility, implementation time and costs, as well as training and support. The ease with which end-users could use the solution to produce the needed insights was also a critical selection factor, which was evaluated by gauging their ability to complete a series of exercises corresponding to functionality they deemed as important. WebTrends was found to be the best choice for Microsoft, scoring high in a number of scenarios involving usability, geographical segmentation and site summary reporting.

"The metrics framework and high degree of reporting flexibility WebTrends provides will offer Microsoft both consistent metrics to compare initiatives across our various groups and the ability for departments to dig deep with highly customized metrics and adhoc queries to answer their specific questions," said John Frederiksen, General Manager, Microsoft.com. "WebTrends was also unique in its ability to offer an enterprise-class hosted service that could meet our tremendous scaling requirements, as well as providing an installed software product which offers us greater long-term flexibility to easily utilize web analytics information within our broader business intelligence strategies."

"The investments we've made in developing and delivering enterprise-class, scalable web analytics that help companies prove and improve their marketing investments is clearly providing WebTrends advantages recognized by the most rigorous and sophisticated companies on the Web," said Greg Drew, CEO and president, WebTrends Inc. "We're excited to partner with Microsoft to allow them to consistently measure and improve performance across all of their brands and online properties."



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