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Kozoru Launches Chat-Based Search Technology, Byoms


Wednesday, June 7, 2006; 02:17 AM

kozoru Inc. launched byoms.com (build your own mobile search), a customizable, instant messaging search technology.

Byoms allows users to create a personalized, search feed from the sites they trust. Users then query and find targeted responses to their questions through a chat interface, via either a desktop AIM client or AIM-enabled mobile phone. Currently, byoms leverages AOL’s industry-leading chat client, and soon users will be able to create feeds for their Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and Jabber clients.

“We feel that the chat interface has been overlooked in the search landscape and represents a valuable new way to deliver highly targeted information to users when they need it most,” said kozoru founder John S. Flowers. He added, “After nearly two years of research and discovery into what people are really looking for in a search technology, we’re excited to finally be sharing byoms with the rest of the world.”

Creating a byoms feed is easy. Simply add several of your trusted sites, create a corresponding AIM screen name and add the byoms feed to your AIM client. Utilizing kozoru’s patent pending Natural Language Response algorithm to enhance relevance, users receive full-sentence responses to their queries, instead of thousands of results. Also, users can create up to twenty unique byoms for searching across multiple topics.

“I’ve been using an AIM based byoms feed against Wikipedia on my mobile phone and have found it to be an easy, robust way to find the information I’m searching for,” said Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, Inc. “Giving people access to Wikipedia and Wikia content through instant messaging will help broaden the base for this information and make it more accessible.”

Additionally, byoms gives users the ability to share their feeds with friends, readers or subscribers by adding a byoms button to their sites. Visitors just click a button and the byoms feed is automatically added to their AIM client.

“The technology industry has been discussing intelligent agents for years,” said Howard Rheingold, author of SmartMobs. “Now kozoru, through its byoms technology, has started to deliver on the promise.”



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