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Google Labs Offer Sneak Peak at Google Spreadsheets


Tuesday, June 6, 2006; 05:49 AM

Google is offering a sneak peak at their newest online service Google Spreadsheets.  As the name suggests, Google is going for a web alternative to desktop based spreadsheet software.

 With Google Spreadsheats users will be able to create new spreadsheets.  They can start from scratch and do all the basics, including changing the number format, sorting by columns, and adding formulas.

Existing spreadheets in popular formats can be uploaded and edited via a familiar interface.  Additionally, the owner of a document can share it with other users of Google Spreadsheets and group edit it in real time.

A tour of the service is provided at http://www.google.com/googlespreadsheets/tour1.html .  Registration is open. 


 Google Spreadsheets.



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