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Photo and Video Search Engine Pixsy Adds New RSS Feeds


Monday, June 5, 2006; 05:23 AM

Pixsy Corporation, a next-generation visual search engine and private-label photo and video search provider,  announced new RSS content providers that can be visually searched through the Pixsy engine. As a meta-aggregator of image and video thumbnails images from RSS providers, Pixsy provides a compelling visual search engine for consumers and a source of free, high quality traffic for RSS providers.

New RSS providers include YouTube, Revver, SmugMug, RollingStone, StumbleUpon, Defamer, People Magazine, Pictopia, Metacafe, TheOnion, Rotten Tomatoes, Buzznet, CNN, NPR, PBS, and many more. Pixsy aggregates visual content from RSS feeds across a variety of popular categories including News, Celebrities, Sports, Dating, and Entertainment.

Users can now search from a large selection of quality content across multiple providers in one location. For example, search multiple video sharing sites for a funny video clip, search for the latest celebrity photos across multiple celebrity photo sites, and browse the latest news and sports photos from multiple sources.

Pixsy Corporation owns and operates pixsy.com, a web-based visual search engine visualbot that aggregates and searches RSS feeds, and powers private label image and video search engines for online publishers. The current version of Pixsy.com was launched in April this year.  The company was founded by a team of engineers and business leaders hailing from Microsoft, Sony, and ValueClick.



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