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Ping Identity Unveils PingFederate 4 with SAML 1.x, SAML 2.0 and WS-Federation


Monday, June 5, 2006; 03:21 AM

Ping Identity Corporation announced that PingFederate 4 is now available for free download from www.pingidentity.com. According to Ping Identity, PingFederate 4 is the first commercially available federated identity server to ship with tightly integrated support for WS-Federation, SAML 1.0, SAML 1.1 and SAML 2.0 single sign-on functionality.

“Every company wants to optimize business processes and increase collaboration with partners and customers,” said Fran Howarth, Hurwitz Group. “For many organizations, federated identity reduces redundant account maintenance, improves administrative efficiency, increases security and can even bring about new revenue-generating opportunities.”

One such organization is Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. “Over the past 18 months, more and more pharmaceutical companies tell us that they are interested in Single Sign-on. PingFederate enables us to provide our clients with a plug-and-play component and, unlike our competition, immediately offer SSO,” said Andy Michaelis, Manager of Software Development, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. “We never know exactly where our organization is going to grow or how we will end up using SSO for physicians and pharmaceutical clients. Ping Identity supports our current needs and will grow and expand with us as our business evolves.”

“PingFederate 4 is the result of feedback we received from dozens of Fortune 1000 customers engaged in production federation leveraging PingFederate. It offers the most advanced features for configuration, administration and integration on the market,” said Andre Durand, CEO, Ping Identity. “In addition to these advanced tools, PingFederate 4 now supports every federation standard customers will require as they engage both existing and new federation partners.”

In a companion release, Ping Identity announced today the availability of PingLogin, a next-generation user authentication and single sign-on framework for consumer-facing online services and Web applications. The Ping Identity product family now enables end-to-end sign-on management for verifying identity, enabling single sign-on, and controlling internal and external access across a broad landscape of Web applications and loosely-coupled Web services.

What’s New in PingFederate 4?

PingFederate 4 includes significant enhancements to all areas of the product. New features in this release include:
  • Concurrent Support for SAML 1.0, SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0 and WS-Federation Single Sign-On Customers designate which of four federation standards to use for each connection they configure to their federation partners.
  • Use Case-Driven Configuration Based on the protocol selected for use on a given connection, PingFederate only asks the administrator for parameters relevant to that protocol, reducing complexity and minimizing errors.
  • Role-Based Administration PingFederate 4 provides four separate administrator roles that can be assigned to one or more administrators depending on organizational and regulatory requirements.
  • Administrator Logging PingFederate 4 adds configurable logging that provides a detailed audit trail of all administrative actions.
  • Custom Attribute Source SDK PingFederate 4 now provides a custom attribute source SDK that enables developers to retrieve attributes from additional data sources such as those exposed with SOAP interfaces, flat files and custom interfaces.
  • Upgrade Engine Ping Identity customers can obtain an upgrade engine that automatically migrates PingFederate 2.x and 3.x server and partner configuration data to PingFederate 4.

PingFederate 4 is available and can be downloaded directly from Ping Identity by going to www.pingidentity.com. For new users, the first six months or 100,000 transactions are free, whichever comes first. Subscription-based, limited and unlimited use licenses are available.




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