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Wordpress 2.0.3 Released


Friday, June 2, 2006; 04:21 AM

The latest release of popular blogging platform Wordpress, 2.0.3, is now available for download at http://wordpress.org/download/. This is a bug fix and security release, and is recommended for all WordPress users. In addition to an issue that was raised on Bugtraq a few days ago, we’ve also backported a number of security enhancements from 2.1 to further enhance and protect your blog.

For the curious, this release includes:

  • Small performance enhancements
  • Movable Type / Typepad importer fix
  • Enclosure (podcasting) fix
  • The aforementioned security enhancements (nonces)

Upgrading is fairly simple, just overwrite your old files with the latest from the download. When you go to your admin it will give you a link to update your database.



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