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Ask.com Launches Blog Search


Friday, June 2, 2006; 03:13 AM

Untill now, Ask.com provided the web search, and Bloglines.com provided the RSS feeds.  The two have companies joined their respective experise to create a new service -- the Blog&Feed Search, available at http://www.ask.com/#subject:bls|pg:1 .

From the official announcement: "... [the] Blog & Feed Search, which combines the rich data of Bloglines and the search technology of Ask.com...[solves] some key challenges in building a great blog search engine: finding rich, diverse, and timely information published every minute on the blogosphere, without getting overwhelmed with a ton of low quality content."

Here are the features of the new service:

* World-Class Results: The result of mixing ExpertRank and Bloglines data.
* Three Flavors of Relevance: Search by Date, Popularity, or Relevance (a combination   of the first two)
* Three Sorting Options: Sort by Posts, Feeds or News
* Unique Tools: Including Binoculars to preview the last 5 posts from a feed
* Open Subscription Options: Subscribe to a feed in Bloglines, Google Reader, MyYahoo, or Newsgator
* Open Posting Options: Post a link to Bloglines, Del.icio.us, Newsvine or Digg


 The Blogs&Feeds Search at Ask.com






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