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Release Date Approaches for Microsoft's OneCare


Independent testing labs validate anti-malware protection capabilities of all-in-one PC care service slated for June 2006 release

Monday, May 29, 2006; 04:22 AM

Windows Live OneCare, an all-in-one, automatic and self-updating PC care service aimed at helping consumers protect and maintain their PCs, has been certified by ICSA Labs as an effective solution to combat viruses and other forms of malicious code as well as providing a quality firewall service. In addition, OneCare has achieved West Coast Labs’ Checkmark certification, meeting the lab’s criteria for protection against viruses and Trojans. 

“These certifications from two of the world’s most trusted independent cybersecurity testing organizations is a milestone in the development of Windows Live OneCare,” said Dennis Bonsall, director of Windows Live OneCare in the Online Business Group at Microsoft. “As we continue to advance toward launching this full service in the coming weeks, gaining the ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs seals of approval validates OneCare as a comprehensive source of protection that helps customers enhance the overall safety and health of their personal computers.”

ICSA Labs, an independent division of global information security specialist Cybertrust, is recognized as the global standard for security product certification. Testing consists of a comprehensive analysis of security-related risks likely to be encountered by the product. This process, representing three certifications, includes extensive testing of the anti-malware product’s ability to detect and disinfect common and “in-the-wild” viruses and a thorough analysis of the firewall’s ability to restrict unwarranted access. Certification criteria are continually updated to address constantly evolving computer security threats. “To become certified, a company’s product must meet demanding, industry-accepted criteria that prove its resistance to an array of threats and risks,” said Larry Bridwell, content security programs manager at ICSA Labs. “Windows Live OneCare has met the high standard of ICSA Labs certification, and the service’s customers can be confident that it will deliver a high level of security and reliability.”

West Coast Labs’ Checkmark certification system has become recognized as a leading global standard for anti-malware certification and testing to real-world standards. The final version of Windows Live OneCare has been certified against three Checkmark criteria: for virus detection, virus cleaning, and Trojan detection. “The Checkmark System certifies information security products to real-world standards,” said Chris Thomas, operations director at West Coast Labs. “Checkmark Certification is an acknowledgement that Windows Live OneCare has satisfied all the criteria outlined in the test suites for protection against viruses and Trojans.”

Currently available as a 90-day free trial in the United States, Windows Live OneCare will be available in the coming weeks from retailers and via the Web for an annual subscription of $49.95 MSRP for up to three personal computers.

The 90-day trial version of Windows Live OneCare can be downloaded at http://onecare.live.com.



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