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New Book Teaches How to Prevent Hitchkokian Scenarios of Internet Fraud


Thursday, May 25, 2006; 04:26 AM

Information Today (ITI) announced the publication of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists, Second Edition, by author and cybercrime expert J. A. Hitchcock. In this revised and expanded edition of her popular 2002 book, Hitchcock provides practical, easy-to-follow methods for dealing with spam, viruses, hack attacks, identity theft, and other online dangers.

The author, the target of a cyberstalker who went on to become a leading victim’s advocate, illuminates a broad range of abusive practices and presents dozens of real-life examples and success stories.

“Hitchcock offers first class advice about ways to protect personal information and detect various kinds of fraud,” said Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, in his foreword to the book. According to Cerf, a celebrated Internet pioneer and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, “[Hitchcock’s] personal experiences lend credibility to the text and her concrete examples help readers formulate defenses to avoid becoming victims. ... Reading this book is a first step toward increasing your ability to stay safe in a cyberworld that has its dark side as well as its sunny one.”



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