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Inxight Launches Search Extender for Google


Tuesday, May 23, 2006; 04:39 AM

Inxight Software, a provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, launched Inxight Search Extender for Google, an application that allows Google Search Appliance and Google Desktop users to find relevant documents faster and locate hidden information in document sets and individual documents.

Powered by Inxight’s ThingFinder extraction technology, Inxight Search Extender for Google clusters search results on-the-fly, enabling users to filter their results sets by the people, companies, places, concepts and other information contained within them. The most important details in a document also augment keyword-in-context summaries, revealing hidden content within documents. Search Extender also automatically creates an automated index for all documents in the “cached document view” – making it simpler to locate the relevant people, companies and other information contained in very long documents.

The success of corporate and government organizations is directly tied to how quickly and efficiently analysts can discover specific information hidden in the vast amounts of unstructured data — reports, e-mails, presentations, and other data — flowing into their systems. The Google Search Appliance makes the sea of lost data on your Web servers, file systems, portals, content management systems and relational databases instantly available, presenting documents in a well-ranked relevance stack. However, information that users are seeking is often hidden in the hundreds of pages of “most relevant” documents in a search query. In searching for the needle in the haystack, Inxight Search Extender for Google allows users to see at-a-glance and filter by the relevant people, companies, products and other information contained within results sets.

Inxight Search Extender for Google also enhances keyword-in-context summaries with an automated “Top Mentions” list, revealing the most important people, places, companies and other information contained within the full text of a document – helping users quickly get a better sense of a document’s true content.

An automated document index makes it easy to see what key information is contained within documents, making it easier to locate that one mention of a potential new competitor within a large pdf file. Customizable right-click actions allow companies to also customize and extend the solution to do tasks like click on an address and access Google Earth to pinpoint addresses, or click on a company name to access LexisNexis or Hoover’s lookups.

“As a Google Enterprise partner, Inxight is delighted to launch Inxight Search Extender to take Google search results ‘the extra mile,’ ” said Ian Hersey, senior vice president of corporate development and strategy and founder of Inxight. “By augmenting Google with the power of extraction to automatically detect the details of electronic text, we bring our users one step closer to true information intelligence capabilities.”



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