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O'Reilly Media Publishes New Book on AJAX


Head Rush AJAX Follows the Tradition of the Intensive Head First Series of Books

Thursday, April 6, 2006; 07:24 AM

Publishing powerhouse O'Reilly added another interesting title to its already impressive selection of programming books.  Head Rush Ajax is for the web developer, who enters the high-pitched realm of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML for the first time.   Accoring to O'Reilly , the book allows you to learn AJAX "in a way that sticks in your brain, and even lets you have fun in the process."

From the offical press release:

Head Rush Ajax provides a learning experience that's as compelling and cutting-edge as the sites you want to design. If you've ever read a Head First book, you'll know what to expect: a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works. Head Rush ramps up the intensity with an even faster look and feel. Readers will have their first working app before they finish Chapter 1, meet up with the nefarious PROJECT: CHAOS Stealth team, and even settle the question of the Top 5 Blues CDs of all time (who says you can't have fun and deliberate important issues while learning?).

"If you thought Ajax was rocket science, this book is for you," says Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path, "Head Rush Ajax puts dynamic, compelling experiences within reach for every web developer."

"It just skips all the hype," agrees author Brett McLaughlin. "It talks about what the web browser is, and how it's a far richer and more important player in web applications--and especially in asynchronous applications--than most people realize. And we just don't really care about being fancy in this book. If people want someone to talk down to them, or they want to really be impressed by the author, Head Rush Ajax is going to disappoint. I just want people to learn about this stuff, without a lot of fancy terms or tricks that really don't matter in most web apps."

Early praise for Head Rush Ajax:

"A 'technology-meets-reality' book for web pioneers on the cutting edge."
--Valentin Crettaz, CTO, Condris Technologies

"This stuff is brain candy; I can't get enough of it."
--Pauline McNamara, Center for New Technologies and Education, Fribourg University, Switzerland




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