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9 Powerful Strategies to Guarantee Facebook Advertising Success

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Bryan Mixon
March 16, 2020

Bryan Mixon
Bryan Mixon is the owner of AmazeLaw, a marketing platform for solo and small firms. They provide tools, resources, and Facebook marketing advertising system that gives small businesses the best possible chance of success. Building websites since 1999, Bryan knows how difficult it can be for small business owners to get their digital marketing off the ground. So he built AmazeLaw as a great super-simple place to build their sites, collect leads, and get on with their days of making their business grow.

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Investing in social media advertising is now an innate part of developing and growing your business.


If you genuinely want to connect with your audience, then you need to communicate to them where they are. And in this modern age, they’re all on social media platforms.


With that said, as a business, you need to have a social media presence.


If you want to be selective with the social media platforms that you are on, then Facebook should be at top of your list of preferred online network.


For one, the platform has millions and millions of monthly active users, which makes it likely that there are people there that will appreciate your product or service. On that note, you might want to invest in Facebook advertisements for the development of your business’s online branding.


Buying an ad isn’t going to give you guaranteed success. Therefore, you should think of applying advertising strategies that will power up your digital advertising plan to the next level.


To help you achieve just that, here are nine powerful Facebook ad strategies that will guarantee your success:


1. Run a hybrid Facebook advertising

On Facebook, you can create an ad devoted to desktop users and advertisements that are devoted to your mobile users.


Although you can target these two different users through different campaigns, you can also get away with running a hybrid Facebook advertising campaign if you want. As long as you connect to both users, your Facebook ads will have better results.


Since the user experience is a lot different between desktop and mobile users, you need to be able to create a campaign that they are more receptive to.


A hybrid Facebook advertising strategy will be a lot more efficient for your ad spend while covering a significant base of your users.


2. Define your target audience

Another way your Facebook advertising campaign can be better is by defining your target audience.


A lot of businesses, especially the smaller ones, tend not to be particular about their target audience when running an advertising campaign. The logic that they have is that targeting the general public opens them up to a lot more potential clients instead of niching down.


What they don’t know is that defining your target audience will make it easier for you to design the particulars of your campaign. That’s because you already know that your target market is likely to respond positively to your ads.


On Facebook, target audiences can be from a lot of different categories. It can be based on age, gender, location, and even interests or job titles.


3. Set up a conversion funnel

A technique that a lot of professional salespeople have is setting up a sales funnel.


Including social media as part of your conversion funnel allows you to cast a wider net in attracting potential customers to your network. And you can use the conversion funnel as a roadmap on how you can turn Facebook fans into paying customers.


Having a conversion funnel will help you create a strategic Facebook advertising campaign that addresses the journey of the customer until they end up converting. It’s going to niche down and address critical concerns for your customers, depending on which part of the journey they are in already.


4. Leverage different ad types

Depending on your advertising campaign, you might need to use different ad types for various campaigns. It will depend a lot on the needs of your target audience in your campaign.


Aside from that, it might also depend on the type of product or service that you are offering. It would help if you consider what campaign results you want so that you can find the right ad type.


For example, if you want to push the variety of products that you have, then you definitely should use the carousel ads type on Facebook.


This ad type shows many products that Facebook users can click through, and they may end up finding one that they like. This ad type is excellent for a multi-product launch as a set of makeup paraphernalia.


5. Create a strong pay-per-click strategy

If you have no idea what type of ad campaign to set up on Facebook, then going with a pay-per-click strategy is an excellent medium point.


It works with a lot of different campaign goals. Plus, it’s not going to push you to have a high ad spend budget at the end of the campaign.


It’s excellent for your all-around needs, so you need to develop a go-to PPC campaign strategy. Once you master your PPC strategy, you will have an easier time starting a PPC ad campaign whenever you need to start one. Not to mention that you might be better equipped to understand other strategies on Facebook advertising afterwards.


6. Run a competitive analysis

Doing research on your competitors on Facebook is a part of making more informed decisions on how you should fix up your advertising campaigns.


Doing your research and competitive analysis allows you to avoid the pitfalls that your competition is doing while at the same time, learning from the useful strategies that they accomplish.


7. Sort out your ad creatives

When you’re creating your ad creatives or the visuals on your Facebook ads, you need to ensure that your photos and videos are high-quality.


Aside from that, it’s also good practice to make sure that your visuals have little to no text on it. Otherwise, you’re missing the point of having visuals on your ads.


8. Create realistic buyer personas

Similar to defining your target audience is creating realistic buyer personas.


It can be challenging to remember the qualities of your target audience. But one way to make it easier for you to identify and recognize your target audience is by creating buyer personas.


Buyer personas will be a lot more in-depth than a general target audience description. Not only will you be thinking of their demographics, but you should also identify their psychographics and their entire customer journey.


9. Do not underestimate the power of testing

One of the best Facebook advertising strategies that you can develop should depend on proper experimentation and testing.


Experimentation ensures that you are using the most effective strategy that you’ve established that are from real data.



Being willy-nilly with your Facebook advertising campaign will give you some results, but it might not be the most efficient. With that said, applying the strategies listed above will help you achieve advertising success a lot more than not using them.


Therefore, if you’re looking to level up your Facebook ad campaigns, then you can’t go wrong with applying these strategies listed above.

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