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Instagram Posts That Will Help in Gaining Traffic on Your Fashion Website

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Walter Moore
May 27, 2019

Walter Moore

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Starting a fashion business can be extremely daunting because you have to remain updated with the current fashion trends almost always. If you miss out even on a single trend, you might start losing your valuable customers. This is why you need to have amazing social marketing strategies so that you always remain in the minds of your customers. When you are planning your marketing strategies, you can never miss out Instagram. However, only opening a business account on Instagram is not going to help you to drive traffic to your fashion website. It is important that you have proper knowledge about the kinds of posts that you need to post on your Instagram account.

Given below is a list of the Instagram posts, which will help in boosting the traffic of your fashion site.

Adding links to Stories

Ephemeral content, or content, that is responsible for having a shorter shelf life in comparison to the other kinds of contents, is trending right now. It is capable of creating fear within the Instagrammers that they might lose out on important and interesting stories posted by their favorite brands. This helps in driving engagement and is also an amazing way of sharing everything that is happening behind the scene. If you have more than 10000 followers, you can not only post stories but you also have the option of adding clickable links. When your stories are going to be interesting, it is obvious that your followers are going to click on this link. This will help in increasing website traffic.

Live streaming

Live streaming is responsible for providing marketers with the opportunity of grabbing as well as holding the attention of the audience as they cannot miss any chance to see anything that is happening at the moment. Instagram live streaming can also help followers to clear the doubts that they have and get all the replies that they have been waiting for. A fashion brand can also show a product launch with the help of live streaming. This is definitely one of the ideal ways to ensure that people are attracted to your brand. This will ensure that they are clicking on the website link out of pure inquisitiveness. They will be interested in gathering more information regarding the kinds of products that you are offering. You can also buy real Instagram likes from real people to make your account look credible.

Call to action

One of the ideal ways of gaining more traffic on your fashion website is by adding a call to action. Call to action helps in driving engagement and this ensures that your Instagram account is being viewed by potential customers as well as clients. This is one of the most common tactics used by reputed fashion brands for promoting their brand and keeping the brand in the spotlight.


As the owner of a fashion brand, it is your responsibility to create a buzz, so that your followers on Instagram are interested in visiting your website as well. You have to ensure that you are posting the kinds of contents that have been mentioned above so that you get the desired traffic on your fashion site.

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