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Effective Instagram Strategies Every Marketer Needs To Know to Boost Social Media Marketing

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Walter Moore
May 09, 2019

Walter Moore

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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Instagram could prove to be slightly mysterious and intriguing for business owners. In fact, many people feel that only celebrities would steal the show on Instagram and that it is quite a challenging affair to become famous on this versatile marketing platform. However, you must realize that Instagram is a powerful marketing tool and business owners could leverage the power of this popular social media platform by implementing certain effective strategies and build a robust brand presence online. This way you could effectively connect and engage with your specific target audience and boost your brand awareness and visibility online.

As per https://blog.hootsuite.com, “Why use Instagram for business? Because it’s already proven to be business-worthy as noted by these Instagram business statistics. Whether for the global enterprise or for your mom-and-pop business, 71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram. There are 25 million business profiles and 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram. This is a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their audiences, whether on-the-go or in the moment.” Moreover, 80 percent of the Instagrammers follow minimum one business. When Instagram is such a powerful and versatile platform, you must take the maximum advantage of it by following a few clever stratagems suggested by digital marketing experts.

Make Hashtags an Integral Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Besides your brand image, your hashtags must be given top priority and regarded as the most critical element of your Instagram post. You know that catchy captions for your visual posts actually convey the story behind your picture while hashtags help in making your picture visible to people outside your present sphere of Instagram followers. When Instagrammers search for relevant industry-associated hashtags, obviously, you would want your posts to come up. If your posts do not show up, there is every chance that your competitor’s posts would be showing up boosting their overall influence and growing their followers. Here are three effective ways of choosing the best hashtags for your post.

  • Consider using popular hashtags which are most likely to be searched, for instance, #love.
  • Consider using highly-relevant hashtags even though they are relatively less popular. These hashtags would be driving fewer Instagrammers to your specific post but the people who ultimately find you would certainly be more targeted.
  • Consider using hashtags that are supposed to attract more new followers. You may use hashtags such as #followme, #follow, and #follow4follow. You must use the minimum one hashtag on every post. However, you could use several hashtags on your post. We know that engagement is supposed to be the highest on Instagram posts that boast of 11 or more hashtags. You would get maximum likes on posts with more hashtags. Moreover, you could get in touch with a reputed digital marketing company for availing Instagram likes free trial offer.

Create or Join the Instagram Community

Just like any other popular social networking site, Instagram would be performing best when it is used for building robust relationships with other Instagrammers. Using this phenomenally popular platform is not always about simply posting stunning visuals; it is very much about creating a community around the pictures or participating in it. We understand that there are numerous ways of building community on Instagram. By utilizing hashtags, you are able to effectively connect with Instagrammers you may never have met otherwise. Commenting or liking photos or visual posts of others could help you in getting engaged with actually the greater community. When you participate in certain Instagram campaigns for a noble cause could assist you in contributing to what is regarded as the greater good. Sharing videos and photos from events could assist your followers in feeling as if they are actively involved and are an integral part of the community.

Determine the Most Effective Posting Frequency

There could be conflicting suggestions about the best posting schedule and frequency on Instagram, however, you have to dedicate your time and endeavors in determining what actually would work best for your specific target audience. However, you could examine the findings from comprehensive research performed by Union Metrics which gives us a clue regarding the ideal posting frequency.

As per their study, based on monitoring consistently 55 Instagram brands, it was revealed that most Instagram businesses post 1.5 times every day on an average. Moreover, they were able to come to the conclusion that posting more frequently did not culminate in a decrease in engagement. Their research has proved conclusively that there is no connection between the frequency and the actual amount of content posted by a brand every day and the ultimate engagement rates received by those Instagram posts. You must try to initiate your marketing promotion or campaign by posting once daily and gradually consider boosting the frequency. Once you reach a point where you find that the engagement rate is dipping, consider scaling back slightly till you achieve the optimal level.

Use the Perfect Tools for Streamlining Your Endeavors

You could be immensely successful on this platform by using simply your Instagram app. However, you must know that there are numerous effective tools which could help in saving valuable time and providing you better insights into the success or overall performance of your posts on Instagram.

A very effective and popular multipurpose tool is called the Iconosquare that gives you access to your Instagram account through your web browser. It helps you in identifying the videos and pictures that are getting the maximum engagement and also, in keeping constant track of who is following you or who all are unfollowing you. Some other amazing tools that need to be mentioned here are the Piqora that helps you in finding engaging posts for sharing with your target audience, the Schedugram for perfect scheduling of your posts, and INK 361 that is a comprehensive service tool for viewing, managing, and scheduling your Instagram posts.


Without a robust follower base, all your endeavors on Instagram would go to total waste. Fortunately, the greatest secret to boosting the number of followers is lasting engagement. In other words, if you go on posting relevant and engaging pictures, your follower count is bound to go up organically. The above-discussed stratagems should motivate you to include Instagram in your marketing and promotion campaign. Instagram is known to hold true value for all businesses irrespective of industry or size.

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