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April 29, 2020

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As a writer, you must have resources and materials to enable you to gather information, proofread your work, and edit the contents. However, you need to manage your time in writing. In a day, you will have a pile of jobs to complete to meet the deadline and satisfy your clients.


By using web tools, you can boost your efficiency in writing as well as help you modify the contents if needed. There are several websites for writers, but we only listed down the most relevant ones. Without further ado, you may consider these following website tools:


1. Grammarly

Before sending out your essay or article, you should check your grammar. By doing so, it makes your content high quality and professionally written. You can use the Grammarly tool to detect any sentence structure technicalities, misspellings, subject and verb agreement forms, passive voice misuse, and more.


It can also help you count words and characters with its built-in Flesch-Kincaid reading score. It provides readability rates and suggests words to correct any sentence structure. You may also avail of its plagiarism checker via premium subscriptions.


2. Cliché Finder

Clichés are overused words that refer to expressions and they lose original meaning or thoughts when repeatedly use. Generally, formal writing must not contain any forms of cliché because these words may cause confusion or annoyance to the readers.


As a writer, you need to be mindful of the thoughts that you share and make your content comprehensive as possible. Using the cliché finder, this web tool can help you detect any misleading words and correct them.


3. My Admission Essay

Is myadmissionsessay.com scam? Well, most people who don't have any idea, will question the integrity of a website. This tool is popular among web owners and students because you can order high-quality articles, essays, eBooks, and other paperwork. Getting a ready-made content is a great way to keep your website updated.


You can choose the level of writing expertise depending on your needs. The price relies on the ranking of the writer and the number of pages that you need.


4. Wattpad

Do you love storytelling? Wattpad is a great writing tool for novelists and fantasy writers like you. If you love creating stories and have a unique imagination, this website tool is a must for you to consider.


You can also create your stories on this platform and get paid for the content. However, you need to have a referral to join the Wattpad Paid Stories community. If you're looking for great ideas and a unique plot, you may check the published contents here on this website.


5. Yoast SEO Checker

SEO plays a vital role in marketing your writing. It helps in making your content visible to the public. Using this approach, you can receive organic traffic to your website. What does that mean? Well, you can able to reach your target audience without spending too much on paid ads.


However, SEO is not as simple as you think. It takes months to years before your website becomes popular with the crowd. Applying SEO is the best way to monetize your content without incurring so many costs.


You can use the Yoast SEO checker to help you fix any issues in your content. Generally, it will suggest you put a keyword in your title, headings, meta description, paragraphs, alt text images, and more. You will be guided with the appropriate ways on how to apply the SEO concept.


6. Hemingway Editor

Most writers used various grammar checker tools to create high quality and impressive content. Aside from the Grammarly, the Hemingway Editor is also a popular website to correct any grammatical mistakes and choose the appropriate words to use.


It contains a straightforward copy and pastes layout in checking the contents of the written material. It highlights the words, phrases, clauses, or sentences with mistakes so that you can edit and correct them. It also tests the readability score and word count of the contents.


7. Easy bib

If you engaged in academic writing and e-book publishing, you need to learn how to use citation styles. Generally, there are three common citations namely American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago style.


By using this web tool, it helps you organize the bibliographies and references as a courtesy to the original authors. It can easily detect and organize the citation for you. Just type the title or URL of the book or article then it will produce an instant result.


8. SEO Review Tools

As a writer, you don't only need to focus on mastering your writing skills but also, you must have basic SEO knowledge. If you notice, most clients will ask you to use keywords or anchors to put somewhere in the blog post, article, or essay. Well, you will need to incorporate the keyword as naturally as possible and make sure it does not overwrite a few times.


You can use this tool in checking the density of the keyword. It is advisable to have at least below three percent score so that the anchor will not be detected as a keyword stuffing issue. In this way, Google will not read it as suspicious content.


Did you find an interesting web tool from our list?

Writing is one of the honorable professions in the world today. Most writers used various website tools and apps to improve their content at the optimum level. If you want to keep up with this career, you should start discovering various writing resources and materials to help you write effectively and efficiently.

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