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A Closer Look At The 5 Most Crucial WordPress Features For Web Developers To Consider

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Melissa Crooks
August 08, 2019

Melissa Crooks

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An app development company that is looking to work with a business will have a number of areas to discuss. However, a business must also consider the web development before meeting with an app development company. Now that a significant percentage of the world's top websites are under the WordPress umbrella, it is time to evaluate the most crucial features and how they affect a site.

After all, an app development company can only provide so much information in this regard. WordPress is providing various businesses with the platform that they need and allowing them to augment the benefits that they receive from working with an app development company.


Every piece of the puzzle has to come together to create a greater whole. This is one of the most important lessons that an app development company will impart. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the five top WordPress features that are going to play a key role in web development.


Each feature is crafted with a brand's future in mind. These features are also designed to equip businesses with the tools that they need for maximizing the benefits that are provided to them by an app development company.


1. Designs That Can Easily Scale Upwards


WordPress is becoming popular with businesses because of its ability to scale upwards. Businesses need to rely on platforms that can be scaled and those that do not are severely inhibiting their ability to grow. If a website platform cannot support a growing business, this creates a universe where the wrong decisions are being made right from the get go.


On the other hand, a business that takes the time to hire the right app development company and create a website that is truly able to align with their goals is placing themselves on the proper track. There is a reason why WordPress is typically chosen by businesses that are in search of ways to successfully improve their online presence.


2. Strengthened Cyber Security


Online businesses that are looking to protect themselves must start by making sure that they are receiving the correct advice from their chosen app development company. From there, the website also has to be considered. If the business is not able to guarantee safety to their browsers, what reason does the customer have to return to the website?


Fortunately, those who use WordPress are able to access all of their most important security features. Secure logins, system updates and data backup are all offered to the user and these features are a crucial aspect of online safety. A browser is simply never going to utilize a site that does not take each of these steps beforehand.


3. The Ability To Integrate Plugins

This is something that every business must remain aware of. If the business is not able to make improvements on their site as time goes on, what is the use of the platform? With WordPress, a business has no shortage of methods for integrating the plugins needed to guarantee future success. Brands now have more options than ever before and are able to improve their sites in ways that they never thought imaginable.


Some of the plugins are free and others cost money. Contact forms, email marketing assistance, analytic tools and social media platform plugins are all available. Thanks to these advancements, a business is now able to customize their site and speak to their specific target audience. Since the website is the spearhead of any content marketing strategy, choosing the correct platform is everything.


4. Responsive Website Design


The responsiveness of a web design will typically make or break the site's level of success. In other words: is the site easy to use? Does it come with long loading times? Can the site be used across all devices? These are all questions that have to be answered before a WordPress site can go live. If the site cannot be used on a smartphone, tablet and laptop, this hinders its level of effectiveness.


The more friendly the interface is across all platforms, the more likely a business is to experience an increase when it comes to their conversion rates. The customer is also going to be looking to create a stronger level of brand loyalty with their target audience. What better way to go about this task than by taking the time to build a responsive website?


5. Search Engine Optimization


This is a key element of any business' ability to survive over the long haul. Any company that is creating a website and allowing it to wither on a platform that is not properly optimized for search engines is going to miss out. WordPress is currently considered to be one of the very best platforms for search engine optimization and comes highly recommended by any reputable app development company.


Automatic fields are provided for all areas that concern search engines. Meta descriptions, alternative image tabs and titles are all taken care of. This takes all of the guesswork out of the process and keeps brands from floundering. Once a site sinks down the search engine rankings, it is almost impossible to rise back up.


These are the features that must be prioritized by any business that is looking to get the very most out of their online presence. The more of these boxes that are checked, the more likely a business is to achieve all of their chosen goals and objectives. WordPress has become too big of a platform to be ignored.

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