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Digital Optimization Tips For Designing Dummies

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July 22, 2019

If you’re not familiar with the various concepts of SEO and the specifications of Google’s search algorithm, then you’re in for a treat.  Though there’s lots to be learned, coming out on the other side of this realm of knowledge will leave you much better equipped to conquer the web.  

Gather your note-taking wits, and start your learning journey today.  Don’t expect to become an expert overnight, so use every moment to move forward.  Here is a brief compilation of a few of the most important aspects of SEO you should imprint on your mind.  

Design for mobile users

Mobile users have quickly taken dominance as the most popular way to access the web.  Google rewards properly mobilized web content with better ranking in the SERPs, making mobile optimization a powerful tool for success online.

Loading speed, display aesthetic, and accessibility are all important when you’re working on optimizing your digital content.  Spend some time digging into the specifics of mobile design, so your digital content can stand tall next to your competition.  

Optimize your Google My Business

Google offers business owners the opportunity to fine-tune their digital presence, and make it easier for consumers to find your business when they need your business.  You can refine your business profile online, and make your existence a little “cleaner” digitally speaking.  

Learn the benefits of blockchain

The most important thing to understand about blockchain is that it is not a cryptocurrency.  Most people’s minds turn directly towards bitcoin when they consider blockchain.  

Bitcoin is simply a product of blockchain.  Blockchain is a new technology.  Blockchain allows for the ability to create an immutable system of recording any type of transactions or sensitive information.  

Quality content is a priority 

Learn what Google’s search algorithm deems “quality” content, and design your web content around the information you uncover.  Quality content starts with relevance. The keywords and phrases contained within your texts should run parallel to your content’s purpose.  

You also want to make sure you use quality content when adding links to your pages.  The links you use within your text will be analyzed by the Google bots in the seconds it takes for your search results to appear, so be sure to pass the test.  

Always be concerned with analysis

You don’t have to toss your content out into the abyss and hope for the best.  Google gives digital designers a menagerie of tools for analyzing and developing your web traffic.  

Keep a constant eye on how your digital content is performing, and use the data you uncover to refine your approach.  If you find that one particular approach works more efficiently than another, you’ll have some insight on what you might do differently. 

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