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PromotionWorld Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the basics, and in a way that a beginner will understand. It is written in a very easy to understand type of format. In fact, everything in it is laid out in the format of a book.

Publicity on the Internet : Creating Successful Publicity Campaigns on theInternet and the Commercial Online Services by Steve O'Keefe

An hands-on resource provides a wealth of forms, checklists, sample publicity campaigns, online resources, and expert strategies that cover everything from creating e-mail news releases to confronting a host of Internet issues.

Quick Search Engine Add URL Links

This page is designed to help you add urls to the major search engines. Lots of good information.

Rank This!

Free online tool to pinpoint your ranking in searches on popular Internet search engines. Also displys the top ten websites returned for given keywords.


Program allows our clients (those with products to sell) to set a percentage or dollar amount per product that they are offering through the RegNow Affiliate ...

Search engine optimization and web site promotion tutorial

Learn how to improve your search engine ranking by effective use of meta tags and other HTML tags.

Search Engine Results Advice

Gives advice on the best ways to promote your website via search engines. Lots of useful information.

Search Engines: Submission Tips, Help and Use

Nice discussion about submitting your website to search engines and the ways in which they determine your ranking.


SearchEngines.com is a comprehensive resource center for both web searchers and webmasters. We provide tools and techniques for search engine optimization, submission and maintenance . We also have an extensive list of search engines and directories as we


Signpost will automatically submit your Websites to a wide range of quality, web-based search tools, and keep you informed of its progress free of charge.

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