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Why logo and business cards are important for business?

by Tech Social June 30, 2020
Brand logos are succinct symbols that help the company communicates to its customers. On the other hand, business cards are significant information to provide the clients with contacts to reach you effectively and efficiently. In short, these two elements should come together.

Skills You Need As A Good Digital Marketer

by Andrew Simmons June 25, 2020
The competition in the digital marketing industry is huge. There are countless professionals that want to be the best so you need to set yourself apart if you want to constantly grow your personal brand. Obviously, you surely already do the important things, like subscribing to the top digital marketing blogs to get knowledge.

9 Powerful Strategies to Guarantee Facebook Advertising Success

by Bryan Mixon March 16, 2020
Investing in social media advertising is now an innate part of developing and growing your business.

SaaS PPC Marketing: 7 Foolproof Tips to Find Better Leads

by Kevin Urrutia February 24, 2020
The lifeblood of any business is generating leads, and it is one of the greatest challenges a lot of SaaS companies face.

Follow These Tips to Optimize Customer Engagement

by Nick Rojas February 04, 2020
The oversaturated consumer marketplace we navigate today makes it even harder for businesses to stand out, cultivate loyalty and attract new customers.

3 Things You’re Doing With Your Blog That Drive Readers Away

by Jenna Cyprus July 05, 2019
If you’re working to create a successful blog, whether it’s a standalone piece or in conjunction with a website or social media personality, having loyal followers and readers is going to be the most important thing to you.

A Framework for Data Monetization

by Sarah Del Rosario June 27, 2019
To simplify the thought, data monetization is simply converting data into money. Presently, giant and leading companies like Google and Facebook derive a great portion of their revenue from the effective utilization of data resources.

Instagram Posts That Will Help in Gaining Traffic on Your Fashion Website

by Walter Moore May 27, 2019
Starting a fashion business can be extremely daunting because you have to remain updated with the current fashion trends almost always. If you miss out even on a single trend, you might start losing your valuable customers.

Effective Instagram Strategies Every Marketer Needs To Know to Boost Social Media Marketing

by Walter Moore May 09, 2019
Instagram could prove to be slightly mysterious and intriguing for business owners. In fact, many people feel that only celebrities would steal the show on Instagram and that it is quite a challenging affair to become famous on this versatile marketing platform.

Key Performance Indicators for a Marketing Manager

by Sarah Del Rosario May 09, 2019
Marketing manager is the person who manages the promotion and advertisement of a business product or service. It may be a single piece of entry or whole line of products or services for a single project. A marketing manager must possess an outgoing, spontaneous and sociable characteristic. These are only the basics as they also need to maintain their focus and professionalism in terms of meeting the budget constraints and due dates.

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