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Add These 10 Things To Your Website And Watch Your Traffic Soar

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Sean Schiraldi
August 10, 2006

Sean Schiraldi
This article is submitted with reprint rights by Sean Schiraldi,of http://webcashmoney.com your source for the best internet marketing software,plus tons of freebies.
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You need more traffic on your website.We all do. You have a great product and your ready to sell. So where is everybody?Let's go over a few ways to get people into your online store.Ten ways to be exact.

First,Add a message board to your website.People love message boards,hell,I love message boards. People will come to your website to ask questions and also to answer them.Nothing gets a targeted audience to your place better than a message board.

Second,Another helpful resource to your visitors is a directory of website links.Your customers like links.Let your site be known as a place to find things.

The Third way you could bring more people to your site is by adding an article section.Make sure you update your articles frequently,like every week or so.People will visit your site to learn.There are plenty of places on the web where you could find reprint rights to articles.Some sites will allow you to add a script that will automatically feed updated content to your site.

Fourth,You could add an archive containing past ezine issues to your site.If people like your ezine,they will love this feature.

Number five on our list.Add a free Ebook directory to your site.Ebooks that you wrote,filled with your links,or an Ebook that you branded with your links would be best,in order to create a viral marketing effect.But anything that will get your visitors coming works,and free stuff does that!

Six,Add a free classified ad section where people can place a free ad.Like one of those business card bulletin boards you see in local stores.People will come to place an ad or read others.Are you strating to notice a keyword,F--E.

Seven,put a free link page on your site.People will visit your site to trade links.This will also help with your search engine placement,they like links.

Eight.This is important.You should have an "about us" page on your site.It's like those menus at your favorite restaurant that gives a little history of the place.People enjoy reading that stuff.

Nine,You should put a guest book on your site.This is a place wgere people can give opinions(another important thing for you,customer feedback!)about your site.People want to feel like they have a say, and well they should.After all,they are your business!

And finally,number ten!Add a free software download page to your website.I can't stress it enough people love free stuff,don't you.And the beauty of diigital products is that it's easy to give things away!!

Start using these ten ideas right away,and as always come up with a few more.You're probably a lot smarter than I am.These little things can make all the difference in the world when generating that all important TRAFFIC!

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