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Advertising on the Internet by Robbin Lee Zeff

There are two main areas of advertising on the Internet that people are trying to learn: how to buy advertising space on someone else's Web page, and how to sell advertising on their own Web site. This book gives advertising managers and designers the inf

Getting Hits : The Definitive Guide to Promoting Your Web Site by Don Sellers

Getting Hits is the only Web book on the market to target the promotion of sites. It gives the lowdown on how to build up the hits on your Web site. Topics covered include how to post your site to a search engine; links that give the biggest hits; guerril

Publicity on the Internet : Creating Successful Publicity Campaigns on theInternet and the Commercial Online Services by Steve O'Keefe

An hands-on resource provides a wealth of forms, checklists, sample publicity campaigns, online resources, and expert strategies that cover everything from creating e-mail news releases to confronting a host of Internet issues.


Excellent book that profiles 23 successful web sites. Not a "how to" book but rather a "how it was done" book. Highly recommended.

What Makes People Click : Advertising on the Web by Jim Sterne

An easy-to-read business book for marketers, advertising reps, and Web reps, "What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Web" describes what the future holds for Web advertising. Readers will learn how to develop a Web advertising strategy, find Web site



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