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Why Instagram should be an integral part of your social media marketing?

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Charlie Brown
October 26, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Social media marketing on Instagram recently rose to great popularity for some of the best features in Instagram which no other social media account offers. The use of features like hashtags is common and also works great on twitter. Yet Instagram has its own algorithm about hashtags which governs which posts will be seen above and which ones not. Hence, the more you understand this well, the better you will be able to use them. Also, other features like business account, photo filters, cross-platform sharing and all, makes this photo sharing site a special one. Also, it’s special for one good reason that it accepts pictures right from a smartphone without you having to transfer the images to a computer.

How to upload photos on Instagram?

Photos are uploaded to Instagram from a smartphone directly. This makes image capture and sharing upper easy. You can instantly take an image, and simply put the required filters and hashtags with it, and upload it to Instagram. This will ensure that there is practically no delay between the image being shot and uploaded until and unless it’s due to human operational reasons.

Hence, if you are sharing events of your business, some infrastructure based presentation, or some fun work or creative thing, you may instantly shoot and upload, and leave no gap in the process to show things instantly on the web. The fast uploading and multiple photo editing features on the app make it a hot favorite among users worldwide.

Instagram business account

If you want to get quick traffic and quick results from your Instagram marketing, then you will have to open an Instagram business account. You may switch your current normal account into a business account. You get a host of features and facilities with the business profile. You can analyze the number of views, shares likes and all your posts are getting. You can use some advanced search tools which comes with the business account. You can search for hashtags which are most used. You get more power with this account and can do your branding more effectively by declaring your own hashtags and using them over and over again.

What are hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags are words used on Instagram with a hash sign before them and work much like the tag function in twitter. Every image or video you post in the account can be tagged with many tags. And you may use a maximum of 30 hashtags with a post. These tags should be aptly linked with the cause, image, company, business, website, mood, brand, etc. If any tag is not related, and then the post with it shows on the top of that tag search, and then it does not get the required click and views for being an inappropriate tag, then you must avoid using it next time.

Also if you find a tag getting more views than others, deem it to be more in demand and very appropriate with the post. In all such cases, you must study the public reactions to the various hashtags used using the business tools in your account. And accordingly, you must carve out a plan for the next posting. Unique hashtags denote your brand or mood etc. can be created and made to work when a few more other tags with the post always seems to work or mostly works.

Targeting the right hashtags

You can choose to use the right hashtags by searching for the hashtags. When you search you get to see the most used hashtags the most searched hashtags, the volume of search and so on. The most popular ones should be avoided. And also the scarcest used ones must be avoided. Other than that you may use your one or two personalized hashtags, and many other medium demand tags. You can use all 30 of the hashtags, and that's the limit too.

Cross-platform posting

You can post to other sites as well through Instagram. You can post to other accounts through Instagram by the cross-platform posting feature, which is available not just to business account but normal accounts too. You can link several social media accounts with your Instagram account through the settings in your profile. Facebook, twitter, tumbler, LinkedIn, and many other accounts can all get connected to the IG account. As a result, whatever you post on Instagram can be parallelly posted on the other linked accounts. This is a great feature which saves time and effort, and also makes you equally active on the other social media sites where you become jointly active. Then you can get more fan following, more reactions to posts, more traffic to the website, and better recognition.

Advertisement through the business account

The Instagram business account lets you create, edit, and post advertisements together with Facebook using the Facebook, ad editor. Actually, the Facebook and Instagram ad editors are the same, and Instagram's cross-platform policy helps create and post ads on both websites together. Hence with the business account tools, you can create and manage ads on the sites and add to your online marketing efforts.

Planning a social media marketing with Instagram

If you want to get famous fast on Instagram, and want to use Instagram as a major tool in gaining popularity in social media marketing, then you must post carefully. Your posts on Instagram must come on regular intervals with consistency and must be good quality and meaningful. The images must not be boring ever. They must be engaging, gaining glances for a few seconds. Sometimes simple, smart steps like to buy real Instagram likes work wonder in instantly shooting up your account popularity.


Instagram marketing is one of the most enjoyable styles of online marketing, where you can allow yourself to indulge in the joy of playing with colors, images, animations, several types of graphics, etc. You can take snaps and upload, or edit them before uploading. You can create animation and graphics and upload from your smartphone. Altogether you can play with images and create stunning visuals to captivate minds.

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