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Using Emails to Boost SEO Performance in 2018

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Maria Jones
February 16, 2018

Maria Jones

Maria Jones is a digital marketing professional and content developer based in New York. On her blog, she talks about best online marketing practices and also recommends services like Tayloright.

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Email marketing might not directly impact your search engine rankings, but with a little savvy marketing, you will find that you can use them to drive your SEO initiatives. Email is a massively useful tool that allows you to keep your audience engaged and also drive traffic in a meaningful, result-oriented way that no other channel can provide. Here are some strategies through which you can turn your generic email marketing campaigns into an amazing launch pad for your SEO strategy.

Seek Out Engagement

Email bombing your consumers with the keyword you wish to rank in is no good, but a well-structured campaign could encourage searchers to look up various terms.  You should also encourage engagement by incentivizing sharing of links or commenting on posts on social media or your website. This will, in turn, cause enough movement in these places for Google’s search spiders to take note of.

Your blog can get a good deal of organic traffic, but by bringing the latest post to the notice of your target audience, you can definitely boost the traffic on your website manifold. You should also mention an explicit call to action by asking them to leave a comment at the bottom about how useful they thought the post was, follow your social media channels, or share the post across their own social media. It’s a good idea to check statistics from time to time to see which of your consumers are more active so that they can be targeted further.

Newsletters Redefined

It hurts to think that the newsletters you write every once in a while can’t get registered with Google. You can turn this around by repurposing a single newsletter or a bundle of them as a blog post, such that it reaches email inboxes, is ranked by search engines, and can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and the like. This gives you a lot more exposure too. If all this is too much for you, hire experts like Tayloright to take over and handle all your digital marketing efforts.

Push Regular Content Consumption and Promote RSS

One of the best ways to ensure you are climbing the SERP ranks organically is to get subscribers hooked onto your content. This can be done through email too- you can encourage subscribers to visit your channels and check out your content even without the regular email reminders. Whether they do so by simply following your Facebook page or going all the way to connect using an RSS feed, the change is noticeable over time. Keep content hooks that link useful content that you have generated or found across the internet so that each email has a substantial amount of solid content to keep them interested. By using email as a springboard for all your other public platforms, you are sure to get SEO success.


These strategies help you leverage the otherwise clunky and seemingly redundant email marketing campaigns into an online marketing Swiss knife that can help your brand in more ways than one. They will boost engagement, help SEO rankings, and establish a proper brand image online. You should be looking to take advantage of every potential SEO success story and integrating them into the emails you send out- the savvy marketer attracts all the attention.

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