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Know about a few social media and marketing courses to help elevate your business

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January 19, 2018

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With technology overpowering the society today it is very important to know the ability to use social media to get people's attention. Building an audience and express your personality is a digital skills in this present day is very much required. Be it any reason for finding a new job, becoming an entrepreneur or a freelancer you need to have a social media presence on your personal website. Clients and employers get a window to check your personality, skills and interests. One needs to be very educated with the social media skills to build a career on the social media platform. You need to do some SEO course that would help you get started and learn the Inside out of being tech savvy.

Having a personal website with an active social media presence and a professional networking can land up giving you jobs which are not found in the informal job market. These jobs are not advertised. Your presence in the social media would stand out to be the best. Your presence online is the best recommendation for you to fetch you your dream job. If you want to stand apart from the competitive crowd in your field a personal website of yours with the knowledge of how to use it to build audiences would be of great help. Let's talk about some courses that you can do in different fields of your interest and what they have to offer and how they would help to enhance your career and passion


1)DS106: Digital storytelling and social media- This is a course which has taken storytelling the digital way. It attempts to re-imagine how a story can be told and taught in the digital age. this course teaches you the outlines that include the task of every unit, making videos, blog writing, making an active online community. It is a good introduction to the talent of telling stories in a digital way using the social media for building your network. Features of this course are

  • Boot camp 
  • Getting through boot camp and personal cyber infrastructure
  • What is meant by Digital storytelling listening to audio 
  • Telling stories in photo
  • Describe through designs 
  • Advanced audio and radio show production Telling stories within the web 
  • Reading movies 
  • Making movies 
  • X IMEIR and Mashup 
  • Final project and wrap up.


2) Inbound marketing certification

This course offers a variety of free inbound marketing certification programs. The course aims at people who are involved in digital marketing and social media industries. Content marketing is one good feature which you can learn if you are dedicated. This course gives you the liberty to watch the videos at your own speed and when you have completed it you get a certificate. The features of this course are as follows

  • Essentials of an effective inbound strategy optimizing your website 
  • Blogging fundamentals 
  • Amplifying the social media with your content Creation of a content with a purpose
  • The anatomy of a landing page
  • Perfecting the conversion process 
  • Sending the right email to the right lead 
  • The power of smart marketing 
  • Taking your sales process inbound 
  • Cultivating happy customers.


3) Social media marketing- how to profit in a digital world -

The social media marketing specialization course has been designed for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to grow their business through a social media strategy. This specialization consists of 6 social media courses which one should complete along with the projects that help you learn and apply for the growth of your business. The main objective of the course is as follows-

  • What is social?
  • The importance of listening
  • Engagement and nurture marketing strategies Content advertising and social IMC 
  • The business of social 
  • Social marketing capstone project.


4) Search and social media marketing for international business- This course helps you to develop your online identity on the professional front and helps you use Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing strategies and tactics to attract and build online audiences. The outstanding features of this course teaches are-

  • Personal branding 
  • Twitter
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Use of social media in international business development
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn 
  • Google + 
  • Copywriting online
  • Social media legal implications
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Blogging


5) Diploma in social media marketing - 15-20 hours of ad-funded free course which gives you a diploma in social media marketing. It teaches you how to use email marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing and how to use Twitter, podcasting and blogging as tools on social media. The features offered by the course are-

  • Introduction to websites
  • Introduction to auto responders and ebooks
  • Using autoresponders to build an audience Affiliate marketing to increase website traffic
  • Email and affiliate marketing assessment introduction to social media marketing 
  • How to use Twitter 
  • Audacity for recording podcast 
  • Podomatic- publisher podcast to the web Blogging on with social media tools Assessment modules 
  • Facebook- create your personal profile Facebook- creating a Facebook page
  • Facebook- increasing traffic on your facebook pages
  • Marketing with Facebook assessment
  • Final assessment.


6. Viral marketing and how to craft contagious content

This new social media course teaches you the key ideas and concepts to promote viral marketing and crafting content that would inspire people to share it with their friends online. The things taught in the course are 

  • What makes ideas sticky?
  • How social influence shapes behavior
  • The power of word of mouth social networks


The above different courses offer different ideas in different fields of online marketing courses that would help you get your business started. So what are you waiting for? Get going to explore and enroll for the best course that interests you to give wings to your business

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