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A List Of 6 Handy Tools To Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

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Jessica Barden
July 11, 2017

Jessica Barden

Jessica Barden is a Social Media Marketer, Blogger, and Business Consultant of Essay Writing Service at WritingBunch.co.uk . She loves writing about topics related to digital marketing, online brand management, and online business.

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Are you a Social Media buff? Do you have multiple social media profiles and now having

trouble managing all the accounts at once?  Well, constant log in and log out, updating different posts, follow up conversations, followers requests and many other things can be a hassle at times.


With problems come solutions as well, there are social media management tools and strategies that are useful for handling multiple social media profiles. This list of social media management tools will help you save some time and effort.


1.  Everypost

It is a handy app that allows posting all the updates on the major social networks from one place in a single go. Everypost let you update Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc. at the same time. Simply write your message, add photos, videos, and hashtags and enjoy.

Another best part about Everypost is that it shortens tweets for Twitter under 140 characters automatically. Depending on the features, Everypost offers five pricing plans in which one of the plans is free.

2.    Buffer

Buffer is a software that lets you navigate between your social profiles easily. With Buffer, you can schedule and share applications. It allows you to stagger content throughout the day to consistently update your accounts. You can easily post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc at once.

Buffer offers a short free trial period. You can subscribe it for $10 a month and can use up to 12 social profiles and can have two people assigned to one account.

3.    Social Oomph

To give your social media experience an oomph, Social Oomph schedules your tweets for the entire day and auto-follow new followers. Through this, you can boost your marketing strategies as well.


With Social Oomph's dashboard, you can combine Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and your blog in one place to schedule posts or monitor social media activity.


You can use this tool for a 7-day trial period but for the future, you need to subscribe to the premium service to access more features.


4.  Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a complete solution to your social media management. Except letting you execute campaigns across multiple social media networks, you can also manage social media, track conversations, and measure campaign results.


You can add your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+. Through Hootsuite you can easily get access to the analytics and insights of your business's growth, assignment management, campaign management for all the social networks.


Hootsuite offers three plans - free, pro ($8.99 per month), and enterprise options according to the needs of individuals, small and large organizations.


5.   Sprout Social

Sprout Social is more about communication and engagements between businesses and customers but there is more to it. You can manage, post, monitor, and analyze multiple social media profiles from one location.


The trial for Sprout Social is free but you for further use, you need to select a feasible package of your own, ranging from $39, $59, and $99 per month. Though it is a costly tool but it is worth it.


6.  Tweepi

For all the Twitter-holics, this is an absolutely perfect tool. Tweepi is a quick management tool which will allow you to flush followers, clean up inactive, reciprocate by following, and follow new tweets.


You can keep your Twitter account neat and tidy with a silver package which is $7.49 a month or platinum package which is $14.99 a month. A suggestion is to subscribe the annual package which is 17% cheaper to pay.


These are the life and time saving social media management tools that will let you take a sigh of relief for sure. Pick the one out for your ease, choose as you please.

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