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Social Media- Increasing Influence on Instagram and other Sites

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Walter Moore
June 19, 2017

Walter Moore
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The goal of most social media users is to gain more followers and worthwhile engagement. Knowing how to become more influential on social media involves nurturing and growing your presence online. This will establish the status and expertise that you have as an individual and a brand.


Influence is gradually developed over time and consists of daily interaction with networks. The process enables you to create meaningful relationships and an important step is to create content that people are likely to share. Your posts and updates should add value with the potential to draw widespread attention and go viral.


  • Getting to know you networks and social connections involves being able to have conversations with them.
  • There are different ways to start conversations on social media, ranging from asking people how they spent their holiday to asking for opinions regarding a current event.
  • Feedback is essential and whether you want to promote a product or bring up an issue, asking your followers questions will increase engagement and develop your online community.

Hashtags and Keywords

Social networks such as Instagram and Twitter are known for using hashtags and keywords. Maximize on these features and observe how other people on the platform are utilizing them, especially within areas or topics that are attracting a lot of interest and attention. Popular topics and trends that affect your niche or business give you a way to get involved in conversations, enhance visibility and attract followers

Events and Contests

Involve people in your moments and celebrations by making announcements, sharing your accomplishments and inviting them to participate in contests. You can request them to attend events and share information that pertains to your community.  Get free instagram likes here.


  • It is always a good idea to mention influential individuals as a way to boost your social media influence. Commenting on well known profiles’ pictures or posts, giving compliments and responding to questions gives you more exposure on social networks.
  • Make an effort to develop relationships with influencers and experts in your areas of interest. This is essential for building your network. Engaging as often as you can will increase your chances of being noticed and mentioned. Engaging more also helps to boosts your content and its potential to be shared.
  • Interacting with influencers will help to increase your likes and shares.

Along with your main social networking sites, you can use various online channels such as podcasts to connect with people and establish influence. These can help to enhance your online social presence significantly. Establish social networks that relate to your niche.


Social media has several users and the platforms are becoming and better. The expansive nature of social networking along with the willingness of internet users to spend a lot of time online has made social media more popular than ever.

Businesses are also feeling the impact of these tools with a large number of brands and business owners using sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many entrepreneurs attest to social media helping them to engage with customers, reach more prospects and improve their products and services.

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