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AMP Coming to Search Ads Soon

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James Helliwell
May 26, 2017

James Helliwell
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According to Google, web users are about to see the speed of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in search ads.  They will be delivering this technology in a couple of ways.

Firstly, a new beta of Google Adwords to be rolled out, will make it possible for advertisers to use AMP pages as landing pages. Secondly, the search engine giant is increased the speed of ads served across the entire Google Display Network using AMP technology.  It is expected that all ads on AMP pages from the Google Display Network will be automatically converted into the new AMP ad format.

The new AMP ads from Google load 5 seconds faster than normal ads without any changes to the appearance and feel. This means that when an AMP page loads, the content and ads will load at the same speed.

What is the AMP technology?

AMP is a project designed with focus on improving content delivery using stripped down HTML. AMP pages are pre-rendered in search results, allowing users to read static pages faster. The first launch of similar technology can be traced to Facebook’s Instant Articles which allows Facebook to store and display publishers content directly within their Facebook feed.

This allows content to be viewed faster when compared to clicking out of the newsfeed and visiting the relevant web page on a mobile browser.  The Facebook technology is restricted to just the Facebook platform. The AMP project, on the other hand, is open-source ensuring a wide application. This is why the AMP technology can be used many other companies that typically serve content such Twitter and Pinterest. The deployment of AMP on Google Search in 2016, was embraced by content  owners.

How is AMP used?

Google uses AMP to deliver content speedily to mobile search users, removing the need for them to fully visit a website in order to see content. It ensures that pages are displayed right there on the results pages, allowing users to quickly consume content or to continue with the search if the page doesn’t deliver the results being sought for. Pages with valid AMP versions are delivered within mobile results, higher than the other results for a particular search term.

Why Is AMP Important?

“AMP is vital to Google and other platforms that help users discover content because it simplifies the delivery process”, say Digital Marketing experts at Citywide SEO. “If a user is visiting your blog or news section from the search engines, there is every tendency that they are only clicking through for a particular page. Delivering the particular page to them speedily enhances the user experience which is what Google is about”. 

Marketers and website owners care about AMP because there is the danger of missing out on mobile traffic if there are sites with AMP versions serving the same content.

The launch of AMP for search ads and the fine-tuning of ads delivered in current AMP sites is a positive for website owners as it will help ensure overall faster conversions. Users can now quickly scan through content while content-owners enjoy possible spikes in advert conversions.

The complete picture with the new search ads remain unclear but after the beta phase, we should have more information on how the new regime works, taking a closer look at its benefits.

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