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Why Deprive Your Website Of The Insta-Pleasures: Ingrate Websites To Instagram Accounts

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Walter Moore
May 15, 2017

Walter Moore
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When a new photo-sharing social media platform named Instagram came into being, it was subject to sneering and doubt. It was the time of micro-blogging and not many people saw the potential in this photo-sharing platform. However, Instagram proved every hater wrong and survived the tides of time. Since the launch of this social media channel, it has been climbing the ladders of popularity. Currently, it has over 500 million active users per month. Interestingly, it has shared about 40 billion photos until today. Instagram users share about 95 million photos and videos per day!

Earlier, website owners and entrepreneurs were left out of this Insta-hobnobbing. However, the advent of new tools allowentrepreneurs to connect theirInstagram business accounts directly to their website. Now you can enjoy the benefits of free social promotion without paying for a costly SEO and digital marketing team. Integrating a popular social medium like Instagram to your business site gives you the chance to reach out to millions with one share. Instagram is not about weaving wonderful thoughts together. It is all about using the right hashtags and finding the right social influencers.

Integrating your brand website to Instagram is the shortcut to success you should try today. Here are 5 ways in which many popular brands are doing it today –

1. Insta-content –

Have you checked out Vu Sunglass’s website recently? They have employed this lookbook-inspired page for their shades store. The quality content is sourced from their Instagram account. It is indeed possible to get your website content solely from your Instagram account. You need to guise it smartly enough to make it look editorial.

2. Shop the Insta look –

The motive is quite clear from the heading, hashtags and images. Quite a number of brands uses this approach. This is comparable to the “buy now” button of Facebook. The only difference is this is not a Pay-Per-Click campaign. You can link the thumbnails of products on your Instagram account to your website. This will take your potential customers directly to the point of purchase.

The only hurdle is the cost. Instagram advertising is quite expensive. That is why; we think you should try creating your own accounts and start hashtagging campaigns that will draw the attention of your target audience. Although there is a rumor that Instagram is about to launch a more accessible advertising rate for SMBs, the change is yet to come. In the meantime, make the most of what you have and use your Instagram profile to link to your website.

3.  Hashtag feed –

Instagram without hashtag is like Slash without his guitar! To get the attention of the right audience you will need nothing but hashtags. This is one instrument every new and old Instagrammer swear by. You can combine your Twitter and Instagram feed into one. Tagging users makes them feel special. There is no better way to get user appreciation that to throw them a little attention. This is the only way to get real Instagram followers and likes.

You can easily use hashtagging tools that will feed your SEO team with the latest trending hashtags that will draw the crowd. Tagging popular celebs on Instagram and following their feed is a great way to stay trendy. The Instagram celebrities who have considerable number of followers can make and break trends, they are known as the social influencers. Getting at least one of them to either follow you or like your posts is a great way to boost your brand status.

4.  Insta-commerce –

Instagram is not optimized for ecommerce and it is not a secret. Most ecommerce websites are not optimized for search engines anyway and Instagram’s lack of enthusiasm for ecommerce sites is not encouraging at all. As a result, may websites have developed their own ways to stay trending on Instagram. While many use Insta-share buttons on their products, others post website links in their Instagram description sections to get the crowd. This is great for both the entrepreneurs and the buyers. The clients/buyers find it much easier to purchase a product when the have direct access to the ecommerce site from Instagram.

5.  Insta-minimalism –

Sometimes, minimalism is the best option. If you are running low on budget and creativity, you can employ the simplest method used by many well-known brands. Go for the basic Instagram button in the footer region. You can also include an Instagram button at the end of every post. While employing such minimalistic measures always make sure that, the design is noticeable. Your visitors must be able to see the presence of an Instagram sharing option on your website.

Can you integrate your website into Instagram?

This sounds quite crazy, doesn’t it? However, it is completely possible. There are a few pioneering companies like Sandwich Creative, who have come up with a design that will integrate your website with your Instagram account. As your visitor will scroll down their Instagram page/feed, they will see a section where the tiles arrange themselves to unveil your website pages. Although, not a fully functional website, this gives your users a pretty good glimpse of your website design and motive.

This is quite a new idea that has not yet become main stream and that is exactly why it is so great. This is indeed an Instagram bonus that allows your company website to become a center of attraction on Instagram.

Instagram has become more than a platform to share daily thoughts and opinions. It has become a great social marketing tool where celebs like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are changing the faces of popular and emerging fashion brands. Instagram has become the marketing hub of the virtual world. If you haven’t yet explored your possibilities on Instagram, you are likely missing out on a global audience. Latest website designs allow instant integration of Instagram features.

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