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4 Responsibilities to Maintain the Website for Continual Market Growth

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David Peterson
May 12, 2017

David Peterson

David Peterson, an expert in SEO is involved in the analysis of the various methods of optimization of the websites. On research and analysis, he noticed that the resources at the company http://www.sandcrestseo.com/phoenix-seo/ are involved in website audits and optimization.

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For a company offering either products or services to its customers, the first objective is to reach its customers. This is done through marketing. Nowadays, the digital methods and electronic ways, such as e-commerce, online ticket booking, e-payment services and so on enable marketing. The information about the features of the product or service should reach the customers through the implementation of several strategies; thus promoting the marketing of the product or the service of the company. These strategies are focused on increasing the website visits through the search engine optimization techniques. In order to accomplish these tasks of search engine optimization, experts have to undertake various responsibilities.

Some responsibilities focussing on developing the digital marketing strategy of the company’s products and services are as follows:

Website Audits

The website audits are the core responsibility of the SEO analysts in determining the website traffic of the website. They involve the steps of analyzing the website and auditing them for finding the loading time of the website, backlinks and determining whether all the content is loaded or not. The discrepancies of the website loading and memory occupied by images are also analyzed. It is noticed that the company http://www.sandcrestseo.com/phoenix-seo/ caters to provide the services of website audit analysis alongside the optimization. 

Competitor Analysis

The competitors are researched for the targeted company of the same market segment and are analyzed for their content. The competitor website pages are checked and their differences over the target company to improve are analyzed. For instance, for an e-commerce company, the competitors should be the companies that lead in the market segment of the e-commerce company. The appropriate analysis of the competitors will improve the website traffic.

Keyword Research

The keywords play an important role in page ranking for the company. An SEO expert should conduct a thorough keyword research for the client company. The analysts analyze these keywords in order to ensure that they will optimize their page ranking in search engines.

Analytics and Reports

The analytics will give the graphical views of the keywords of the content, frequency of the website visits, location of the visitors and all other statistical details of the visits to the website of the client company. The reports are prepared on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis in order to compare the visits with the keywords. If the report specifies that there is less frequency of website traffic, then the keywords should be changed according to the analysis. The process of optimization continues until the objectives of improving the website traffic,i.e., lead generation are achieved. The website visits will promote the website traffic, which in turn is going to improve the customer frequency resulting in a high lead generation.

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