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Fundamental Rules for Dominating SEO Scenario in 2017

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Parry Wilson
January 03, 2017

Parry Wilson

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If you are thinking of dominating the SEO in the upcoming year, you must keep in mind that if you are not trusted by Google, you would certainly not feature on the first page of SERPs. Once you win Google’s trust, nothing could stop you from consistently ranking high.

How Could You Dominate the SEO Scene in 2017?

Rule # 1 Work towards Winning Google’s Trust

In this context, you must know about the basic components of Google’s trust.

Indexed Age: Google takes into account indexed age of your site, as well as, its content. A brand new website, a newcomer would not get a high SERP ranking. Google takes into account your performance and consistency over a reasonable period of time.

Authority Profile: Google depends on your healthy link profile which indicates authority. Google would trust you if you have quality links that come from high-quality content with good diversity across the web.

Underlying Content: For Google, the underlying content seems to be very important. Several people are skimping on content. If you wish to be tethered to the Google’s relevancy algorithms, concentrate on well-written, lengthy, highly-engaging and keyword-centric content. Avoid thin, error-prone, duplicate or spun contents.

Rule # 2 Remember Your Website’s Age Is More Important than Its Beauty

Google is not very interested in how nice your website looks. Google would pay greater importance to link consistency over a period of time. If your site is not old enough, it would not get a higher ranking even though, it has a relatively healthy link profile, it really looks awesome, and it even loads really fast and is easily navigable. All your actions are being logged, analyzed and judged by Google.

Rule # 3: Quality Is More Important than Quantity

While doing something on the Web, you must keep in mind that quality would always beat quantity in everything you do. Do not concentrate on doing something a number of times; instead, focus on performing the task in the right manner just about enough times. Do not focus on generating the maximum amount of content daily; instead, concentrate on creating good and high-quality content each week. Google is only interested in good quality content and not on how much content you are coming up with.

Rule # 4: Content Shall Forever Be the King

Your website’s underlying content would always be the king. If your content is not up to the mark, your SERP rankings would go down. Google intends to deliver the best content possible.  In reality, only great content would be shared often. Everyone would be keen on sharing something that is able to deliver real value. You must focus on the quality of the content because that is of prime importance in terms of search engine optimization.

Your content should be helpful in making people understand a topic well or it should be able to effectively answer people’s queries.  Great content if well-crafted could give you a dramatic leap in the SERP rankings. However, you also, need to stay consistent. You simply cannot come up with a fabulous content one week, then generate mediocre content the next week and then do not bother to deliver anything the next few weeks; you simply cannot expect a good ranking that way.

Rule # 5: Buck Up on the Mobile Front

If today, your website is not having a mobile-friendly design or it if it is difficult to navigate and if your pages do not load the content completely and quickly on mobile devices, you are sure to be left behind. Mobile searches certainly are presently outpacing desktop searches. Remember Google is intensely focused on mobile. It has also, assisted in the launching of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to demonstrate its preference for mobile-friendly websites. If you come up with a mobile-first website design, you would be conforming to the desires of Google and also, take a positive leap forward.


The above-discussed rules are fundamental to SEO success and they would help you in dominating the SEO scenario in the upcoming year. Follow these rules religiously and you would be gradually moving toward SEO domination in 2017. However, remember that it would take time and would not happen miraculously overnight.

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