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Optimising your Mobile Marketing this Christmas: Why and How

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James Helliwell
November 23, 2016

James Helliwell
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The Christmas holidays will either benefit your business or have no effect. During this season, most businesses clamour for the attention of their clients using different strategies. With so many other things to consider, buy and plan for, your clients could easily move you to the bottom or their priority list. You need to design and implement marketing strategies to ensure your business gets to and remains at the top of their lists. Mobile marketing is a very good strategy to deploy.

Why Mobile Marketing?

The figures and behaviour of mobile users make mobile marketing a viable strategy to consider for your business:

  1. It is common knowledge that people now spend more time on mobile devices than they do on computers with 75.1% of internet users in the U.S. using the internet via their mobile devices.

  2. A Google study reports that 50% of those who carried out local searches on their smartphones carried out an action e.g. making their way to a store compared to 34% of those who searched on their computers.

  3. More people search for Christmas events and gift ideas on their phones these days, making it pertinent that you get your marketing across right on their phones. This is especially important for local small businesses, as people want to know the places in their areas where they can buy products and services during the Christmas holidays.

How to Optimise or Implement Your Mobile Marketing

1. Make your website mobile responsive: This is one of the first steps you should take. Studies show that users tend to move away from websites that take more than 4 seconds to load on their mobile phones. Your website should look great and appeal to visitors whether they are viewing it on a desktop or their smartphone. Brian Hong, a top design and SEO specialist in New Orleans explains that having a website that has a great mobile design increases the rate at which visitors engage with the site.

2. Run a mobile ad: With services like Google Mobile AdWords, you can create an ad such that your potential clients see it only when they use mobile devices. Running such ads can be a bit tricky if you do not have much insight into SEO. To get much value from your mobile ad this Christmas, it would be wise to approach experts in the field to set up a mobile ad for your business.

3. Take advantage of sms marketing: Studies suggest that smartphone users are more likely to read a campaign sent via sms than to read a marketing email. This is a simple strategy that has been proven to yield fast results. You can send a coupon that redirects users to your website in the sms.

4. Create a mobile app just for the holidays: “This is a strategy to catch the attention of your customers afresh” says Brian Hong at Infinitech Designs. “The app should be exciting and provide information on your special holiday offers. Use the app to collect user details such as phone numbers and location”. Most users will give you their location if it will help them get better information that is relevant to them or around them, so configure the app to provide them with such information.

5. Plan in advance: People begin their Christmas shopping months before Christmas even if all they do then is write out some ideas. If your clients start their shopping ahead of time, you should too. In fact, you should have started your plans before they do. It is advisable that you get your Christmas web/mobile marketing plan ready before or by the end of September.

6. Leverage on trends and existing activities: There are already existing ad activities that you can leverage your campaign on to attract more customers. An example is Black Friday. You can build your campaign such that when customers are searching for Black Friday deals on their smartphones, your website will be one of those they visit. This would be a strategic time to use your Google AdWords mobile ad.

Recognise that it is a holistic and integrated process: When it comes to mobile marketing, there are different strategies to employ and every strategy is important. For example if your sms marketing has a link that will direct users to your website and your website is not mobile responsive, you will not make actual conversions. You might even end up losing the customers you initially acquired. You need to create a campaign that is integrated with every part complementing the other.

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