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How To Increase Your WordPress Functionality With the Optimized Divi Theme

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Charlie Brown
July 05, 2016

Charlie Brown
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Divi is a real multi-purpose, full RTL supported theme because of the variety of features. Its functionality is diverse and therefore used by many web designers. You can use Divi to create the best websites or blogs in the following ways:

1. Role editor

Following Divi’s update, the role editor has been further developed to give you insights into the site’s backend. As a result, you can view and control how users handle your site. This way, you can easily change or add features that will enhance user experiences.

2.  Theme Customizer

You can use this feature to make your website or blog more appealing. With the customizing settings, you can change the navigation, layout or general settings and the SEO.

For personalization, you should use the navigation, header, footer and the general settings. Mobile styles, menus, widgets and buttons can also be used for personalization. Readability should be considered for better search rankings when personalizing.

You will also find a slider with a circle that will let you manipulate numeric values fast. Your fonts should however be suitable for all readers.

The effectiveness of a website’s usability is determined by a website/ page’s responsiveness. The dedicated mobile section within the theme customizer will help you create perfect layouts for phone layouts, and tablets.

3.  Page builder

This is an essential part of any WordPress or a website builder. Divi theme review shows that this is a very powerful and intuitive page builder.

Under that Posts/Pages on the WordPress dashboard, you can edit the older page builder or even create a new one. You can choose from any of the 11 available column layouts and your preferred number of columns. Thereafter, you can select a suitable module that will give you customization settings.

There are three settings for modules including:

General settings, advanced design settings and Custom CSS. The latter allows you to add custom codes while the former gives specific and various module options respectively. The selected choice can then be saved in the library for use in the future.

4.  One-page website support

The Divi Optimized theme with RTL support also has a feature for adding a one page website in a short period. Navigation to different sections of the one-page website is through the scroll dot navigation.

5.  Built in Layouts

Your WordPress blog or website can be running within a short time with ready-made options for page layouts. Loading any of the high quality pre-defined layouts will save you time. 

Your website’s ‘About Us’,  ‘Contact Us’, ‘Products’ or ‘Our Team’ templates are ready for customizations.

6.  Pricing

This theme is affordable for personal use developers and you can even get a lifetime access to licensed elegant website themes.

Finally, the updates for Divi version 2.6 will also let you undo and redo data accidentally deleted, copy/paste systems as well as the feature that lets you browse through the edit histories of the page layouts. Locking builder items, renaming modules, and right click controls are available making your online journey smooth.


In conclusion, these features will make your digital journey free and you will generate revenue from your website and the optimized contents and blogs. 

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