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Why Website Security Should Be A Startup’s First Priority

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Anthony Taylor
April 15, 2016

Anthony Taylor
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Startups are the now the in-thing. Determined professionals these days prefer to start their own business than waiting to be hired by any MNC. This seems doable only because of internet. They know that with the help of the web, they can reach millions of customers and target any demographic they want with minimal investment. But, what most of the CEOs of startups are ignoring is the importance of cyber security.

While big organizations spend on security without giving a second thought, startups take it less seriously. Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily basis and new kinds of threats keep developing. Under such circumstances, website security is the first priority, especially for startups that already run on a tight budget.

Startups are easy targets

As a CEO of an upcoming startup, you need to know that your newly developed website should not be left at the mercy of hackers. If you think that hackers only target big organization, you are not entirely correct. True! Cyber criminals prefer launching attacks on big organizations since a higher magnitude of threat will result in bigger ransomware. However, startups are easy targets and some seasoned criminals like to attack low-key businesses so that their presence remains hidden and the risk of detection is low.

Startup ventures have limited resources

Big corporations have substantial resources to tackle cyber attacks that can come at any moment. On the other hand, smaller organizations simply do not have resources readily available to encounter such attacks. And, if they don’t have a plan-of-action in place, it would be devastating for the website.

Website security is crucial for your business. Find a malware defense vendor that could provide the best web filtering to keep your site hack-proof. Here are a few things you could do to ensure web security:

  1. Getting an SSL certificate – Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates ensure sensitive information exchanged within a transaction is not eavesdropped.
  2. Use a network firewall – Keep your network infrastructure clean from any malicious attacks by adopting a network firewall. They can help detect unauthorized activity and prevent hackers to access files that you need to be safeguarded.
  3. Keep your PC virus-free – Virus can breach into the internal network of your website from your own PC as well. If your system is not firewalled properly, it will become a hub for all kinds of viruses. And, when you are logging into your company website using the same PC, the virus can get into its infrastructure.


Get top-notch firewall protection system for your PC. One superb solution could be Norton. The antivirus is considered one of the best for all kinds of malware protection. Further, you can find Norton antivirus coupon code from reliable sites to purchase this top-performance antivirus on discount.

Install good defenses for malware because a breach can happen any time. As a startup, you must not leave matters to chances. A website is the most powerful tool to uplift your business in a short time. Any attack to your website will negatively affect your overall business and you definitely don’t want that. Find reliable malware defense vendors whose network security systems are not fallible. For PC protection, you can always go for a top quality antivirus. Make sure you find Norton antivirus coupon codes to make your purchase cheaper. For startups, anything that helps cutting expenses is welcome, isn’t’ it?

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