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Why Testing Equipment Keeps Your Tech on the Right Wavelength

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James Crier
April 24, 2017

James Crier
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What happens when your business’s technology suddenly stops working? Is there any way in which you can know straight away if your network isn’t running as it should be? If and when this happens, it can take a while to remedy, but knowing when part (or all) of your company’s IT infrastructure experiences a glitch is useful, especially when you’re in the middle of doing some important work.

Technology found in the typical office space - broadband, servers, phone lines - are integral to a fully-functioning business. If one of them falters, it can cost companies a lot in lost hours that would have been spent on selling products and services or dealing with clients. Before installing some new tech or finding out how well broadband et al are working, testing equipment can come to your aid.

How it Works

Testing equipment from MCS Test Equipment monitors how well your internet connectivity is performing. It also checks out the performance of other pieces of tech, using all kinds of data to indicate the performance level of other tech, including phones. This equipment is used with great success in industries such as:

  • Railways, where GSM-R radios are used to communicate between trains and control centres. Testing equipment for this checks that the signal is okay before a call is made
  • Construction, where PMR radios (walkie-talkies) are used for people on different parts of a building site to talk privately and quickly
  • Broadcasting, particularly in radio. Testing of such frequencies as UHF, Medium Wave and Long Wave is necessary to see whether or not each programme is going out to the intended area

This equipment gives you a series of indicators of signals and upload/download speeds. These let you know whether it’s okay or not to use your phones, computers and other devices that are reliant on getting a wireless signal in order to work properly. It comes in the form of


A lot of testing equipment is made to strict standards set by governments or, in the case of many European countries, the European Union and its Radio Equipment Directive. It is also made to be safe, whether as a standalone unit or if it’s in the form of an app to use on a computer.

When using it, be sure to do so more than once, just before giving the green light to connecting to radio or WiFi. Testing requires a little patience and caution, giving your business a little more assurance that you’ll be able to use your technology safely and securely.

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