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The ultimate Perl resource. THe best place to start if you are looking for Perl related information.

PERL5 Regular Expression Description

Find out how to ue regular expressions in Perl. Contains many examples.


perlWWW is a (personal) attempt to index (free) Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web.

Printing HTML

Follows up the previous section by explaining an easier way to print HTML to the web browser with less character escaping.


This site contains a carefully researched collection of links for those serious about learning a programming language online. Links to tutorials on Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, QBasic, C/C++, Perl, CGI, VRML, SQL, and more!

Roll Your Own Search Engine

Create your own website search engine with Perl. Step by step process with code from Web Monkey.


Free website tracking and statistics service. Keep track of all the pages on your site with a single account! Include real-time stats and emailable reports on demand.

The Perl Language Home Page

Lots of useful and relevant to Perl, including the Perl FAQ. A great place to begin for all Perl programmers.

The Regular Expression Rundown

Brief introduction to regular expressions and how to use them in Perl.

Tutorials 31 and up

Using Perl to attach a style sheet to a page. Using JavaScript to change the values of attributes on the style sheet.

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