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Intro to Mod_Perl

Speed up your CGI scripts and integrate them with your Web server using mod_perl. Extensive tutorial from Web Monkey.

Learn how to open and read data files with Perl

This article teaches the process of opening a text file for read access using Perl, and then demonstrates a simple way to read the contents of the file.

Learn Perl in Two Hours

Cover Perl basics including simple CGI and several examples.

Learning Perl (2nd Edition) by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Larry Wall

In this smooth, carefully paced course, a leading Perl trainer teaches you to program in the language that threatens to make C, sed, awk, and the Unix shell obsolete for many tasks. This book is the "official" guide for both formal (classroom) and informa

Mining Compnay: Perl

Good source for Perl Information. Includes various scripts.

Module Mechanics

Learn how to create, install, release, and maintain Perl modules.

Online programming tutorials

We hope you like our newly redesigned site! You will find over 150 tutorials on many programming languages. You will also find over 20 message forums including one for each language you want to learn.

PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language

This web document is a re-organized version of the "perl.1" man page for PERL version 4.

Perl 1-2-3

Learn the basics of CGI with Perl, as well as more advanced topics. A relly good place to start learning.

Perl Basics: Output

The first tutorial on the Perl language itself, describing how to print output to the web browser with the print statement.

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