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Perl 1-2-3

Learn the basics of CGI with Perl, as well as more advanced topics. A relly good place to start learning.

Perl Basics: Output

The first tutorial on the Perl language itself, describing how to print output to the web browser with the print statement.

Perl Q and A

Several Perl related questions and answers. Very informative for those new to Perl and who want to learn CGI.

Perl Regular Expression Tutorial

Very nice tutorial for learning how to use and take advantage of Perl regular expressions.

Perl Tutorial

Short Perl tutorial geared towards absolute beginners.

Perl Tutorial

Learn to program in Perl. Includes sections on modules, CGI, and regular expressions, from WebKnowHow.Net

Perl Tutorials

Free CGI Scripts for Unix, Linux and Win NT

Perl Variables

How to declare variables in Perl and use them in your scripts.

Printing HTML

Follows up the previous section by explaining an easier way to print HTML to the web browser with less character escaping.


This site contains a carefully researched collection of links for those serious about learning a programming language online. Links to tutorials on Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, QBasic, C/C++, Perl, CGI, VRML, SQL, and more!

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