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CGI for the Total Non-Programmer

If you are new to CGI and Perl programming, then this is the tutorial for you. Contains step by step instructions on implementing CGI on your server as well as many examples.

Installing a Perl Script

See how to install a simple Perl script so that you can use it on your web site.

Learn how to open and read data files with Perl

This article teaches the process of opening a text file for read access using Perl, and then demonstrates a simple way to read the contents of the file.

Learn Perl in Two Hours

Cover Perl basics including simple CGI and several examples.

Perl 1-2-3

Learn the basics of CGI with Perl, as well as more advanced topics. A relly good place to start learning.

Perl Basics: Output

The first tutorial on the Perl language itself, describing how to print output to the web browser with the print statement.

Perl Q and A

Several Perl related questions and answers. Very informative for those new to Perl and who want to learn CGI.

Perl Tutorial

Short Perl tutorial geared towards absolute beginners.

Perl Tutorial

Learn to program in Perl. Includes sections on modules, CGI, and regular expressions, from WebKnowHow.Net

Perl Variables

How to declare variables in Perl and use them in your scripts.

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