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CGI Scripts for Fun and Profit

CGI can add a lot of functionality to your site, but who wants to learn all that code? Tim explains the twin glories of theft and modification.


Learn about CGI, where to get CGI scripts, and how to use Perl to create your own CGI scripts for your web site. Also includes links to other excellent CGI sites on the web.

Intro to Mod_Perl

Speed up your CGI scripts and integrate them with your Web server using mod_perl. Extensive tutorial from Web Monkey.

Module Mechanics

Learn how to create, install, release, and maintain Perl modules.

PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language

This web document is a re-organized version of the "perl.1" man page for PERL version 4.

Perl Regular Expression Tutorial

Very nice tutorial for learning how to use and take advantage of Perl regular expressions.

Perl Tutorials

Free CGI Scripts for Unix, Linux and Win NT

Roll Your Own Search Engine

Create your own website search engine with Perl. Step by step process with code from Web Monkey.

Tutorials 31 and up

Using Perl to attach a style sheet to a page. Using JavaScript to change the values of attributes on the style sheet.



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